3 Ways Network Services Providers Save You Money

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Outsourcing is a bad word in today's society due, largely, to manufacturing outsourcing overseas. However, there are types of outsourcing which can be beneficial for your business. One of these options in Atlanta can create savings for your business almost immediately: network services.

By outsourcing network services to an established managed services provider in Atlanta, you are gaining a great service for a consistent price, which is somewhat of a rarity in today's fast-paced, ever-changing business world.

Managed IT Services - Built on Trust

Managed IT Services Atlanta

If you are looking into outsourcing your IT needs, then you have looked over the various options and landed on retaining managed IT services in Atlanta because you appreciate the availability and expertise at the value possible. Hiring a staff member can be costly, and you only get one skillset. With managed IT services you can get the talents of a certified IT department at a cost that can be less than the payroll of a single staff member. However, that solution is only successful if it is built on trust.

Improve Your Medical Office with Cutting-Edge Equipment

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It's no secret that the medical industry is one that has been impacted by a wave of new regulations and governmental requirement over the past decade. A large number of these standards surround how documents are managed, created, or stored. Upgrading your fleet of office equipment and making sure you have consistency across your network can take these otherwise burdensome regulations and take the pain away. Here are some key ways that new office equipment can have an impact on your Atlanta practice.

VOIP vs Unified Communications

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It's certain that you have heard of VOIP. Possibly by one of its other names Voice-over-internet-protocol, or IP telephony. Instead of using a conventional phone line routing your call across the telephone poles in your city, VOIP uses a connection to the internet and the vast network of computers there to route and connect your phone call. Unified Communications operate as a similar service, but have a different business goal in mind.

Make Your Business Cutting Edge

Network Services Atlanta

If you are the owner of a small business, then you probably see IT with disdain and frustration. Even decision makers that are proficient and IT savvy will still begin to experience irritation at IT issues that, while minimal, impact productivity and take the focus away from your company's vision. If you own a midsize business, you may have the good fortune to employ an IT professional on staff. However, this payroll investment may come with its frustrations as you soon realize that IT requires specialization like any other profession.

How Your Office Changes the Way You Work

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If you had to describe the function of your company's office building(s), what would it be? You'd probably respond by saying your office is real estate designed to house your business's physical presence, to facilitate day-to-day work, and to interact with customers.

But if you ask Jon Fredrik Baksaas, the CEO of Norwegian telecom company Telenor, he'll tell you that an office is a communication tool.

Security in a Mobile Environment

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In today's business world, so much work is done on our phones. Let's face it, they are not really just phones--they are computers in the palm of our hand. So, when it comes to your print management program, how do you ensure the security of printing from phones and other mobiles devices?

First Steps to Security

First things first: security is the single most important undertaking for companies. If your enterprise is not secure, then it does not matter how productive or efficient you are because you are still vulnerable to attack.

Simple Phone Etiquette Could Make Your Next Sale

Phone Systems Atlanta

Some people love talking on the phone, while others find it a daunting and even terrifying task. But phone calls are a reality of the business world, especially if you're communicating regularly with customers or clients. Your phone etiquette could make or break a sale or customer relationship, and it's worth being sure that you've got the basics dialed in (pun intended).

What You're Really Doing When You Use reCAPTCHA

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You probably haven't recently been thanked for filling out reCAPTCHA boxes, but it's time you were: Thanks for contributing to such important projects. You've been helping out immensely while you type in strange word combinations or identify street signs.

Did you know that every time you fill out a reCAPTCHA form, you're likely helping in major digital projects? It's a fantastic partnership that shows the power of the internet. Here's how it works.

Consider These Before Choosing a Cloud Solution

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To the cloud!

That's the catchphrase that seems to dominate today's technology talks, especially since the ubiquitous cloud seems a little exciting and novel. Cloud computing is certainly exciting, and a little trendy at the moment, but at its core, it's something more basic: it's just a good idea.

For today's businesses, cloud storage is already an everyday reality. But how far should you take your cloud migration, and what kind of services should you invest in? Here are a few tips to shed some light on a sometimes cloudy (sorry, we can't help it) matter.


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