7 Components of Top-Notch Managed Network Services

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Your network is an essential tool for your company to operate. Without it, your daily work comes to a grinding halt, costing money and lost opportunities. You need your network to work—consistently, dependably, and without slowdowns.

What does it take to keep a network functioning consistently? It takes a team of qualified experts ready to monitor, control, and manage your network. It's what we in the business call "complete" managed network services.

What Worries You About Your IT Department?

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Optimizing your IT environment is essential to lowering your costs and upping your business productivity. But there are many hurdles along the way, so many that often, business leaders give up before they begin and just go with the most traditional IT solutions. Recent studies show that 91% of companies feel that their IT operations could be improved on and aren't operating optimally. Do you fall into this broad majority?

Green Printing Tips to Reduce Paper Use

Green Printing Tips to Reduce Paper Use

Printing in business today is expanding at an exponential rate each year. More businesses are printing an ever-growing volume of documents, and without the proper means to reduce printing these businesses will continue to spend more and more on printing. The average office worker in the United States on average uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper per year. This number can easily be reduced simply by implementing a few green printing strategies.

Here are some tips to implement green printing tactics to reduce printing in your business:

The Best Ways to Save Through Proper Print Management

The Best Ways to Save Through Proper Print Management

 The print environment in your business can easily get out of hand if left unmanaged. Properly managing your printing environment will allow you to not only save money, but also increase the efficiency of your employees. We have compiled some of the best ways to save through active monitoring of your print environment and properly managing the way that your business handles printing. 

Copiers: Leasing vs. Purchase

When it comes time to get new copiers in your office, the big question always comes up; should you buy or lease copier equipment? This can be a difficult decision, and each has its own pros and cons.


  • Cheaper initial costs
  • Easy to upgrade as new equipment is released
  • Regular Payments
  • Flexibility


Create a Greener Print Environment with SOS!

Create a Greener Print Environment with SOS!

Print Management programs from Standard Office Systems give your office a number of benefits that optimize your printing environment and create a more efficient office. Print Management programs allow businesses to streamline their use of copiers, printers, fax machines and other print and copy devices. Through the use of a print audit, a business can discover the many areas of their printing environment that can be improved. A print reduction plan is then formulated and put into place to reduce printing across the board and become a more efficient office.

Green Printing Practices

Green Printing has been a popular topic as of late. While some businesses are looking to completely overhaul the way they handle printing, there are other organizations looking for simple fixes that allow them to cut printing costs and become more environmentally conscious at the same time.

Here are some of our favorite Green Printing Tips

Go Green with Document Management

Go Green with Document Management

Document Management programs can heavily contribute to helping your office create a greener printing environment. When creating a more efficient means of handling your documents, you also directly contribute to the way that your office approaches printing. It is important to shift your printing mindset to become more conservative, as this will contribute to both your document management and green printing endeavors.

Utilize Current Equipment to Optimize Document Management

Implementing a more efficient document management strategy into your business has many benefits. There are many ways that businesses are discovering to optimize their current document management systems. Utilizing current copiers and multifunction products is one way offices are finding to transform their current document practices to become more efficient and to cut costs.

Having a productive document management system offers many benefits, including:

Utilize Certified Technicians for All of Your Preventative Maintenance Needs!

Utilize Certified Technicians for All of Your Preventative Maintenance Needs!

Keeping up with copier repair and regular maintenance in your office may be difficult, but it can end up saving you significantly in the long run. These savings come not only in the form of reduced repair costs, but also in improved productivity through a reduction in device downtime. There are many ways to maximize the benefit of regular maintenance on your office copiers, printers and multifunction devices.

We have compiled some of the best ways to minimize repair costs over time. These include:


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