Simple Phone Etiquette Could Make Your Next Sale

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Some people love talking on the phone, while others find it a daunting and even terrifying task. But phone calls are a reality of the business world, especially if you're communicating regularly with customers or clients. Your phone etiquette could make or break a sale or customer relationship, and it's worth being sure that you've got the basics dialed in (pun intended).

What You're Really Doing When You Use reCAPTCHA

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You probably haven't recently been thanked for filling out reCAPTCHA boxes, but it's time you were: Thanks for contributing to such important projects. You've been helping out immensely while you type in strange word combinations or identify street signs.

Did you know that every time you fill out a reCAPTCHA form, you're likely helping in major digital projects? It's a fantastic partnership that shows the power of the internet. Here's how it works.

Consider These Before Choosing a Cloud Solution

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To the cloud!

That's the catchphrase that seems to dominate today's technology talks, especially since the ubiquitous cloud seems a little exciting and novel. Cloud computing is certainly exciting, and a little trendy at the moment, but at its core, it's something more basic: it's just a good idea.

For today's businesses, cloud storage is already an everyday reality. But how far should you take your cloud migration, and what kind of services should you invest in? Here are a few tips to shed some light on a sometimes cloudy (sorry, we can't help it) matter.

4 Tips for Your Next Printed Ad Campaign

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It used to be common to receive loads of mail every day and see advertisements in paper form. These days, though, as companies move toward digital marketing campaigns and away from paper, it's rarer to see unique and stunning printed advertising. That's why many businesses are choosing to incorporate even more mailings in their advertising campaigns; today, it's easier to cut through the noise of competitors in print than in digital.

Callback: Your Customers Want You to Have This Feature

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There are few things more annoying than waiting on hold. Customers know it, and businesses know, and yet it's standard practice for most companies to have a hold service when associates are busy and can't immediately assist a calling customer. Some businesses aren't even aware there's another option, but with the right phone system, you can offer your clients something better than waiting on hold.

New Business Owner? Here's Your IT Start-up Guide

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The first few weeks, months, and years of a start-up business's existence are a flurry of decisions and activities. Choosing staff, opening a storefront or office, and purchasing equipment are just a few of the tasks on the hands of new business owners. But one task sometimes gets left until too late, opening your company up to future problems and vulnerability. Don't forget to develop a robust IT infrastructure, staff, and plan.

How to Keep Your Accounting Firm Data Secure

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In today's increasingly connected world, it's more important than ever to keep your company's data secure. This reality is even more important for accounting firms since they capture and store a plethora of sensitive client data. Protecting your customers' private information is paramount—but it shouldn't be so hard to do that it overtakes your critical business activities.

Office Equipment That Can Improve Your Productivity

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Did you know there's a simple tool in your office, often overlooked, that could solve many of your productivity woes?

Many companies are trying to strike the balance between productivity and sustainability, saving money and enhancing processes. Take another look at your office scanner. It just might have the key to making your business more productive. Here's how.

3 Things to Do Before Choosing a Unified Communications System

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These days, business success hinges on one important ability: the ability to communicate. We're living in an age of information, and fluidly sharing, creating, and capturing information is crucial to your success as a company.

What You Should Ask Before Choosing Managed Network Services

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More companies than ever before are choosing to outsource the management of their IT network, saving money and time in the process. Managed services providers can give your network the time, energy, and expertise it needs to support your growing business while reducing your overall costs.


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