What You Should Ask Before Choosing Managed Network Services

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More companies than ever before are choosing to outsource the management of their IT network, saving money and time in the process. Managed services providers can give your network the time, energy, and expertise it needs to support your growing business while reducing your overall costs.

4 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Atlanta

For some companies, the decision to outsource just makes sense for smaller tasks. Payroll, web hosting, and content management are often outsourced to save companies time, money, and resources. But some companies stop short at outsourcing business-critical functions such as servers, software, and disaster recovery, believing this opens them up to security risks and increases costs. The opposite is true.

Do You Have the Right Mix of Office Equipment?

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Sue in accounting is printing an extensive report, while Jim from HR is waiting to copy job applications. You know your meeting starts in fifteen minutes, and all you need is a few copies of handouts—but it doesn't look like you'll get that anytime soon. It's a traffic jam at the printer.

The Advantages of a Phone System for Your Small Business

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Many small businesses today assume they can get by with only smartphones. We all rely on smartphones to do everything from communicating with each other to writing and printing documents—and these devices do an excellent job organizing our lives. Mobile devices are essential for businesses today, but they're not all you need when it comes to phone systems. Here's why.

Have You Considered Managed Network Services?

Network Services Atlanta

There's a new trend in business, and this time, it's not about selfie sticks or Twitter or YouTube. It's something much more useful to the average professional, and it's sweeping the business world. It's managed network services.

Have you heard the buzz around this business solution? If so, you've probably heard that companies are flocking to outsource their network management by the millions; in fact, a recent study estimated that the global managed network services market will expand to almost $60 billion in 2018.

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider

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If you're considering a local company as your IT services partner, it's important to ask the right questions before committing. A managed services provider is a long-term partner for your company, and this relationship could make or break your IT infrastructure. You rely on your IT infrastructure to keep your business functioning; without it, you'd be up the creek without a paddle. That's why it's vital that you can rely on the company you choose to be your managed service provider.

The Pros and Cons of Leasing Office Equipment

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Is it time for a new copier or printer for your office? When it comes to choosing a new machine, there are quite a few decisions to make. Let's add one more to the mix: to buy or to lease?

Is Your Phone System in the Cloud?

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Do you love using your business phone system? It might be a strange question to ask, but here at SOS, we believe you should. When you have the right business phone system, it's a breeze to operate—it can even be a little fun. That's why we offer a unified communications solution that sweeps the competition away.

5 Ways to Make Your Company's Data More Secure

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Does your company's data security keep you up at night? If so, you're not alone. With security breaches in the news regularly, it's no wonder that business owners are concerned.

Why Managed IT is Right for a Small Business

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If you're the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you likely wear many hats. You've probably served as a customer service representative, a budget analyst, an executive, a manager, and a sales associate all in the same day. It's the nature of the job.


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