Finding Your Perfect Printer Repair Match

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There's nothing worse than a printer that isn't reliable. It's frustrating to have a printer go down the moment you need to print something before an important meeting or to move ahead on a project. That's why it's critical to have a reliable printer repair service available to handle your office equipment needs in a fast, cost-effective manner. Here's what to look for in a printer repair service.

Is Your Computer Infected? 5 Signs You Should Look For.


You’ll probably find yourself on a lot of random websites this holiday season.  You know… doing that shopping thing that everyone’s doing.  And while you’re out there in the thick of it all, you’ll be inputting and re-inputting that credit card information so much so that you’ll start to see the beginning signs of Carpal Tunnel. 

Moving Your Office? Consider This.

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Are you relocating your business or opening up a new office? You probably have about a million things running through your mind that this kind of move entails—logistics, coordination, the actual move, and more. Don't forget to plan how your new office will set up a phone system! Moving or opening a new office is a perfect time to evaluate, plan, and implement a unified communication system that will grow with your company and meet your needs.

5 Gadgets Anyone Would Want for Christmas This Year


The time for Christmas shopping is upon us, and if you’re just now getting started, then you need to get that ball rolling.

So download those apps, turn on that laptop, or jump into the car and find some really long line to stand in somewhere.  Don’t allow yourself to miss out on all those good deals because the thought of wrapping presents frightens you or the idea of finding a parking spot at Target sounds less appealing than skinny dipping in below-freezing water. 

Is Your Small Business Secure?

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If you're a small to medium sized business owner, you may feel that your company data is safe. After all, who would want your information? You probably won't be the victim of a Russian hacking effort or suffer a security breach on the scale of Target's recent scare, so why worry, right? Wrong. This is exactly the mindset that leaves too many businesses open to devastating cyber attacks. Here's what you need to know to keep your company secure.

5 Microsoft Word Hacks You Need to Know

Imagine if Microsoft Word never existed.  It’d be absolute chaos.  That’d most definitely be the type of world where Godzilla rules supreme and humans are forced to create all documents inside Notepad.  Modern-day torture.   

How to Protect Your Data from Catastrophe

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Here’s a potentially uncomfortable thought experiment: Imagine you woke up this morning, and every last one of your office computers, laptops, and tablets was gone. Destroyed, irreparably damaged, stolen, compromised—gone. The question you have to ask yourself is: Would I be able to continue doing business if I lost every digital and physical copy of every document located in my office?

4 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Meetings


On the rare occasion, you might actually look forward to a meeting.  But that’s only because it’s an excuse to not work for an entire hour.  You can stare off into space and not do a thing. 

Are you listening?  Probably not.  Do you know what’s going on?  Not a chance. 

Obviously, this defeats the whole point of a meeting.  Meetings are supposed to give you what you need to be more productive, motivated, and focused.  Unfortunately, though, this is far from the case.  But… it doesn’t have to be. 

How to Find the Perfect Multifunction Printer

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Did you know that multifunction printers are growing in popularity? In fact, the MFP market is one of the fastest growing sectors in office equipment today, and with good reason. These useful machines are the Swiss Army knives of the office, performing tasks like printing, faxing, scanning, and copying with speed and efficiency. They're making knowledge workers' jobs easier by providing functions like stapling, hole-punching, collating, and digital scanning.

Call Centers are the Front Lines for your Customer Retention

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While most consumers would say that they aren't exactly pleased with the act of calling into a call center to get service, the number of customers who do is increasing. Whatever their feelings on the action of calling into a call center, the fact remains that the agents in your centers are the new components of your customer sales and service. As such, communication is critical in determining your customer's experience with the call, and by extension, your company.


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