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Outstanding Support for Your Computers and Software

The setup and maintenance of your IT network is vital to your daily operations. In order to be productive every day, you need your systems to function as a unified whole. Malfunctions and downtime can negatively impact your bottom line and your business reputation.

SOS’s IT managed services can help keep your computers and software functioning properly. Our diverse selection of technology services allows you to keep your focus on business. You can trust your machines will work when you need them to.

Details of SOS’s Technology Services

SOS can provide assistance for a wide variety of business technology, including:

Network Services and Network Monitoring

We monitor your network to identify potential threats before they become a problem.

Server, Desktop and Laptop Maintenance

We can provide upkeep on your desktop and laptop computers, as well as your servers.

Mobile Device Management

We can also help you manage your tablets and other mobile devices, ensuring that they can access your network properly.

Software Vendor Management

In addition to your hardware, we can also configure and manage the software on your network. We’ll handle upgrades and work with vendors to resolve issues in a timely manner.

More on our IT Managed Services

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