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Why Our Clients Come to SOS?

Standard Office Systems prides itself on consistently creating value for its clients and our unparalleled customer service. We not only achieve, but far exceed the industry standards & client expectations with our in-house leasing, on-site Network Operations Center (NOC), client response time, and first call fix rate in Atlanta, GA and nationally.

At SOS we will always remain client-focused. Regardless of the technology, regardless of what product or service we are presenting, the ultimate goal has always been and will always be, to help our client solve business issues in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Technological advances have dramatically changed the way we take care of our clients.  We embrace the challenge to meet exceed our highest quality state-of-the-art products:


Office Equipment

  • Multifunction Copiers
  • Production Print Systems
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Electronic Whiteboards

Document Management

  • Workflow Solutions
  • Digital Workflow that works in conjunction with your multifunction copier
  • Electronic Storage

Managed IT Services

  • SOS assumes all the technology risks for a fixed monthly price
  • Network Security
  • Back up and disaster recovery solutions


If you peruse our references, you will note a common theme. Our clients continue to do business with Standard Office Systems over and over again. They were all looking for true strategic partners, not just another vendor, who does not look out for their best interests.


What Does SOS Do?

Technological advances has dramatically changed the way we do business. Devices such as tablets, multifunction copiers and cloud sharing solutions are essential in the progressive workplace. Offices in today’s business world are transmitting information by e-mail and teleconferencing instead of face-to-face meetings. Technology plays an important role in the ever changing business environment. Our future is dependent upon the continued success of our clients and the Standard Office Systems team; therefore, we aggressively invest in the latest technology, training, and support. By choosing only the best products from the best manufacturers, we can provide our clients with a customized solution.  We help you achieve:


Greater Profit and Growth Margins

  • Lowest overall equipment, service and supply costs
  • Right-sizing of Multifunction Copiers and Printers
  • Guaranteed improved performance

Increased Productivity

  • Less complex billing
  • Contract flexibility and processes making managing supplier relations easier

Risk Reductions

  • SOS Capital Leasing
  • Improved vendor accountability
  • Consultative Approach resulting in better decisions that accomplish short and long term goals

More About SOS

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