4 Simple Steps to Scan Documents Directly to Google Drive

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 10/ 06/ 17 - 03: 17 PM

Current office technology is pushing all workflows digital. While paper will always have a place in the office, businesses should attempt to stay current with digital trends. Cloud software allows team members to collaborate on documents over the internet without printing. Now it’s becoming popular to scan files directly to the cloud to be shared with colleagues. If you’re curious about scanning directly to Google Drive, here are four easy steps to make it happen.

1. Find Google Drive App

Typical scan destinations are a computer, email, or SD card. To access Google Drive, you need the App. Browse through the App options on your scanner and select Google Drive. Double check to see if you need to register your device with the manufactures web services.

2. Connect Your Google Account

Your scanner will give you a web address and code that you need to access on your computer browser. It will ask you to specify the Google account that you want to receive your scans. An account can be created specifically for the device that is producing the scan documents if you are in an organizational setting.

Enter the code given to you from the scanner on your browser open on your computer. This step establishes that you are in control of both the Google account and the scanning device.

3. Secure Your Account

Add a passcode to the Google App on your scanning office equipment. A passcode prevents anyone from accessing files or the addition of unwanted files to your drive.

4. Configure Settings

The last step is to create the configuration for uniform scanning. You can elect for color options, resolution, and file format. Most documents will be PDFs whereas photos are PNG. It all depends on the files you work with most frequently.

Learning new processes can be overwhelming, but when tackled in small pieces is manageable. To find out more about office equipment and current digital trends in Atlanta, call us today!


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