4 Ways to Secure Your Data Today

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If making sure your data is protected is low on your list of things do to, it needs to change. Here are four easy ways to take care of cyber security today.

1. Physical Security

The best place to start with data security is the least obvious. We focus on internal theft because that’s what we hear about most in the news. On the contrary, it’s just as easy to pick up a physical document and steal the printed information. Securing your printers and creating authorized users is the first step in locking down your information.

2. Software Updates

With new software updates comes increased security measures within the programs. The longer you let old software run on your networks, the more exposed you are to threats. While you are bringing everything on your systems up to date, it’s a good chance to change your passwords. Creating new passwords every quarter is a sustainable practice that will add a layer of protection.

3. Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Everyone knows that computers have hard drives that store data, but a lot of times printers and copiers with the same technology are forgotten. If you are getting rid of or donating office equipment, you need to remember to have the hard drive removed. A service professional needs to take it out for you to avoid damaging the machine. You can either have the hard drive wiped or keep it in your possession.

4. Complete Security Measures

Watching over a network security when you have other business tasks can be overwhelming. Investing in a network service is a proven way to protect your data and keep your systems from experiencing downtime. With extensive knowledge, network services will make sure your software is efficient and free of threats.

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