A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Storage

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The cloud is not a mystical place somewhere up in the sky. Instead, it is a series of computer servers that house data off site. There are many everyday uses for cloud software such as with iPhone’s that utilize iCloud to alleviate iPhone storage from becoming full. Another widely known program is Dropbox. Both services allow you to access data from places other than your typical storage sights, such as a phone or computer.

Using Cloud Storage to Your Advantage

Businesses use cloud storage for the same reason as individuals but require a larger system. Whereas a person may have photos and a few documents, companies are storing sensitive data in bulk.

The main reason a company will use cloud storage is to backup their data and protect it by placing it off sight. Here are a few other advantages:

  • Team Collaboration: When you store documents on the cloud, employees can access them at any time and make edits and additions. This speeds along projects as team members no longer have to wait for a paper document to come to their desk.

  • Security: A primary concern with cloud storage is the level of protection. Just because information is on the cloud doesn’t mean everyone can access it. Users need to be authorized to look at specific files.

  • Automation: Backup is automated and can be done every 1 hour to every 15 minutes depending on your preference.

Maintaining Your Network

If you are interested in adding cloud storage to your network, you will find immeasurable benefits. If you are worried about taking on additional IT tasks, it’s time to consider IT managed services. IT Managed services analyze your current network and examine its level of security and efficiency. To learn more about cloud storage and IT managed services in Atlanta, call us today!

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