Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta for 2021

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As a leading copier dealer in metro-Atlanta, Standard Office Systems releases an annual list of the top copier dealers in our area. Learn about some of the best copier service companies available to businesses today by checking out our 2021 list!

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Top Copier Dealers for 2021

If you would like to see our previous list to know who stayed and who didn't make the cut, you can find it: Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta 2019

How We Made Our List

It may seem strange to have us create a list of our competitors, but occasionally we get asked by prospective customers: "If not you, what other copier service provider in Atlanta would you choose?"

Because Standard Office Systems is a technology company that prides itself on building trust and doing whatever we can to help our customers, we decided to make an annual list. 

We omitted ourselves from being included in this list to limit bias.

Top Copier Dealer Formula

To keep our metrics transparent and fair, we created a formula for determining which companies should be included in the 2021 list:


Our list consists of copier companies who are based in Atlanta. If you are looking for an copier located in Atlanta, you don't want to settle for a local branch that is part of a larger corporation. On the surface, bigger may appear to be better, but when your productivity is on the line, faster is better. When a copier dealer or manufacturer is headquartered elsewhere, the speed of resolving an issue is often sacrificed. 

Years in Business

Let's face it. You wouldn't trust your office technology to a start-up company, would you? When it comes to providing the highest quality service and equipment uptime, only businesses who have been solvent for ten (10) or more years should be considered. Otherwise, you risk the mistakes of a company still learning at the expense of your company's productivity.

Company Size

This seems to contradict the previous point made about large corporations. There is such a thing as too large, however, company size is a great indicator of the number of customers they serve. There is great value in working with a company that serves a variety of customers because they will continue to learn from the experience they receive through all of their clients, not just you. 

Note: Only companies with 25 or more employees were included in our list.

Google Reviews

Google reviews can rarely be removed. No, they shouldn't be the only determining factor when deciding which company to choose, but if they are unable to achieve a quality customer rating, that should signal a red flag. 

When doing your research, look and see if there is a common theme with a company's reviews. If there is one poor review, without a comment, or no one else has a similar complaint, then that review may be an outlier. 

Note: Only companies with a Google Review rating of 4-stars or higher were included in our list.

Glassdoor Employee Rating

At Standard Office Systems we have a saying: Happy employees create happy customers. Ok, we may have borrowed that saying, but it is true nonetheless. If a company is filled with disgruntled employees, it is likely their customer service will also be subpar. 

The simple fact is that happy employees tend to work harder for their company because they are motivated to do so, and less turnover is an advantage when it comes to providing quality customer service. It is why we are proud to be named a Best Places to Work in Atlanta, four years running!

Note: Not all companies had reviews left by employees, however, only companies who received a rating of 3 stars or better were included in this list.

Copier Dealers vs Manufacturers

You may be wondering why we are not including copier manufacturers in this list. Simply put, there are a lot of common misconceptions that businesses have when choosing a manufacturer over a dealer. The most common one is that you can "cut out the middle man" and get a better price. 

While this would seem to make sense, the reality is that dealers get similar pricing to the manufacturer. Where you make up the difference, though, is on the quality of the service and the up-time of your machine.

But this article isn't about the differences between copier dealers and manufacturers. You can find that article here, though:

Copier Dealers vs Manufacturers: 3 Myths Busted

Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta

Listed in alphabetical order

Atlanta Office Technologies

Location: Norcross, GA

Established: 2015

Company Size: 10-24

Google Review Rating: 5/5 stars (44 reviews)

Glassdoor Review Rating: No rating

"AOT was established by a group of like-minded industry experts who wanted to provide customers with a simpler buying experience. Commercial office equipment is necessary for virtually every business, so we figured, why make it harder than it needs to be."



Location: Alpharetta, GA

Established: 2010

Company Size: 10-24

Google Review Rating: 4.8/5 stars (42 reviews)

Glassdoor Review Rating: No rating

From their website: "We understand how crucial documents are for the smooth operation of a business. We also understand that, unfortunately, the create and use (electronically or on paper) of those documents is often not a smooth process."


Milner, Inc

Location: Norcross, GA

Established: 1987

Company Size:  250-499

Google Review Rating: 4.8/5 stars (33 reviews)

Glassdoor Review Rating: 3/5 stars (32 reviews)

From their website: "Our team of dedicated professionals is in the business of helping your business succeed. We are experts at designing complete business solutions to improve the way large and small enterprises operate."


Tri-Copy Office Equipment

Location: Fayetteville, GA

Established: 1999

Company Size: 10-24

Google Review Rating: 5/5 stars (8 reviews)

Glassdoor Review Rating: No rating

From their website: "Though we have grown, we remain humble. We realize that by design we are not the largest company in the Metro Atlanta area. We feel that clients are truly our business partner and not just some other account number."

Superior Document Solutions

Location: Duluth, GA

Established: 1982

Company Size: 50-99

Google Review Rating: 4.3/5 stars (8 reviews)

Glassdoor Review Rating: No rating

From their website: "Superior Document Solutions is dedicated to finding office solutions that optimize efficiency throughout your business... The Superior sales, service, and administrative teams are professionally trained and have hands-on knowledge of the latest products."

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