Decrease Costs and Improve Productivity with Unified Communications

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Unified communications is a clear way forward for businesses looking for ways to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve communications. By unifying voice, text, video, data services, and other forms of communication, your staff can stay connected, anytime and anywhere.

What You Should Know about UC

Taking a look at your options as well as your requirements is a good first step when looking for a unified communications solution for your small business. Identify your company's UC wish-list and must-haves:

  • Key features. Would you like to route voicemails to email? UC offers that, plus call routing and queuing and enhanced capabilities like speech recognition and VoIP integration. Calendar integration and scheduling is another viable option you may want to consider.

  • Consider your future needs. You may discover that the system you're considering offers a lot of features you don't currently need, and that's a good thing. It means the system offers scalability so you can add components as you need them to meet future growth requirements.

Stay in Touch

One of the most valuable benefits of unified communications is enhanced collaboration and streamlined communication with colleagues. No matter where they're working—from the home office, at a client's location, or on the road—you can keep business processes running smoothly. With features like presence technologies and instant messaging, everyone can stay connected.

Try UC in the Cloud

If you've been hesitant about deploying UC in the cloud, you may feel a little better knowing that you've probably already been using cloud-based technologies on a daily basis. Got a Gmail account? How about Google Docs and SharePoint? These tools all use the power of UC through the cloud. For further incentive, deploying UC through the cloud is easier, faster, and costs less.

Leverage the Power of Mobility

One of the leading benefits of UC is mobile support. Most small to medium businesses use smartphones, tablets and laptops, many through BYOD employees. UC helps mobile employees stay connected by receiving voicemail via email, teleconferencing, instant messaging, etc.

If you're ready to upgrade your current telephone system to a unified communications solution, contact us at Standard Office Systems today!

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