Paperless Document Management: Why Your Business Should Have It

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A term that is often thrown around at business meetings where advancing technology is discussed, the term "going paperless" is often thrown around. But, with all the other aspects of running a business to think about, converting to electric documents doesn't seem feasible for most businesses. SOS offers a solution, called document management.

What is Document Management?

A Document management system is software that converts your dusty filing milk crates into an electronic file cabinet and allows you to monitor activity within your files. It eliminates the use of paper, gives you more control over your files, and clears off shelf space for those "Atlanta business of the year" awards (wink).

Document Management Systems can be Solo or come with a Larger Suite

Some document management systems are designed with communication in mind. They include other useful tools like calendars, messaging, and case tracking. These are sometimes referred to as social business software, or collaboration software that includes document management. If you just want simple solution, you can also find stand-alone document management systems.

What Tools Do You Need?

When looking for a document management system, these are specific traits you should look for, depending on your needs.

Cloud Access

  • allows your employees to access business documents anywhere they have access to the internet.

Organizational Hierarchy

  • includes categorization, tagging, and rating to break down and organize documents.

Search Engine

  • Allows your staff to instantly find what it's looking for.


  • Automatically saves a new copy of your document when you make changes to it.


  • Allows you to decide which of your staff can read, edit, and delete which documents.

Multiple Format Support

  • Prevents that annoying little "this document format is not supported" message when switching between computers or software.

User Interface

  • Your system should be pleasing to the eye or staff won't want to use it.

The Benefits of a Quality Document Management System Include:

  • More Space in your office

  • Cost Cuts

  • Convenience

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Easy Updating

  • Security

  • Environmental Awareness

Document Management Systems like those we offer at SOS are efficient. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about reducing paper waste in your office.

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