Keeping Your Print Environment HIPAA Compliant

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For healthcare providers, educational institutions, and other organizations, HIPAA is more than just an acronym. It is a set of regulations that seep into every part of your organization, crafting workflows and determining how things run.

HIPAA's accountability regulations require that client information be handled confidentially at all times, including any transmission or sharing. Your printers are transmitting client data, but are they handling it in a way that meets HIPAA regulations?

HIPAA and Your Print Environment

Depending on the size of your organization, there may be hundreds or thousands of printers, fax machines, and scanners spread around your building. How can all of these be fully secure and keep data safe? Here are a few ways to make sure your print environment is HIPAA compliant.

1. Use Secure Release Printing

Today's print drivers give you more security options than ever. Instead of simply sending a document to be printed in the next office or across the hall where anyone could access it, use secure release printing. This kind of printing works by requiring authentication at the device before printing, either with a code or a badge. With the right devices, your documents will go from a secure computer to a secure printer rather than being unsupervised in a printer tray.

2. Keep Hard Drives Secure

Did you know that your copiers and printers store an incredible amount of data? This data could be accessible by hackers if you don't take the right steps to secure it.

  1. Be sure to keep you printer hard drives encrypted
  2. When replacing a hard drive or a machine, erase your hard drive before recycling
  3. Use secure storage for any unused printer hard drives

3. Track and Control Your Print Environment

The best way to keep your print environment secure from end to end is with print management. You'll know how your system is being used and by whom in great detail, and you'll be able to make adjustments as needed with the help of a team of experts. Start your managed print services journey today by contacting us.

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