Office Equipment Decisions

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As the document traffic picks up in your office, you will face choices about how to handle your printer equipment needs in your Atlanta office. One of the biggest decisions to deal with will be whether to maintain copiers in-house or to use an outside copy shop to handle the work.

Owning a copier, of course, is convenient for everyone involved. In-house copiers function with flexibility and efficiency as far as your schedule goes. If you have employees that work the graveyard shift, owning a copier is a huge advantage for them.

Should I lease or own?

There are different pros and cons to both owning or leasing your own office equipment. With both of these options you can choose the features that would likely best suit your business (as opposed to using your local copy shop). Do you have a huge document project coming up, but are slow as far as documents go throughout the rest of the year? Leasing could be the best option for you.

Green Options

Owning your own office copier gives you the option to go green. You can make more responsible choices about using environmentally-friendly toner and recycled paper. This will help you be proud of your company and make your employees and customers proud too.


If you work with a lot of sensitive files, then running over to a copy shop may not be the best fit for you. Owning your own copy machine will lower the risk of unauthorized people accessing confidential data.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for your office equipment. What will help YOUR business go green, save money and stay confidential?

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