Out of the IT Break-Fix Phase

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Why is it that we hear so much about managed IT services? Is it really worth praising? Many Atlanta companies are choosing managed IT services over in-house IT management. The new management is providing ongoing maintenance and monitoring of IT system problems. Where did all of this IT business start?

Where did it all begin?

Thanks to the lack of tolls to fix problems, companies in the past were deterred in the area of operations. No one called support unless something went wrong, allowing for a break-fixes atmosphere. In time, support providers came out with new methods and programs to monitor network systems and protect them from disasters.

Managed IT Services Today

Today IT services teams are proactively scanning for issues before they even exist. They are a step ahead in the game. This is the reason that IT systems need ongoing management. The software that accompanies this does two things:

1) Finds anything in your system that would create risk (by receiving an alert from the service provider) 2) Only receives important alerts, no matter what issues are being dealt with

A quality IT team will bring both of the above situations under control in an effective and fast time frame. They will see few issues as emergencies because they are on top of the game.

Problems Solved Before They Are Problems

Big and small companies are turning to outsourced IT needs to help keep costs down, the workday efficient and systems clear of problems. Technology has come a long way. We are grateful that we no longer live in the break-fixes phase but can capture and rescue issues before they damage us.

Does your company experience the security of ongoing monitoring? Contact us about managed IT services.

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