The Disadvantage of Downtime

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 05/ 25/ 17 - 01: 06 PM


We all have experienced that dreaded feeling when a deadline is quickly approaching and catastrophe strikes, such as a power outage or your printer breaking down. These issues not only can lead to productivity standstills, but also end up costing you. As the owner or manager of a business, it is your job to give your employees the proper tools to be productive. While it can be difficult to avoid power outages, it is easier than you think to avoid other downtime due to printer related issues.

Here are some tips to minimize equipment downtime in your business:

Regular Maintenance:
Regular maintenance agreements allow your printers to always be up to date with the latest software and help keep your printers running smoothly. If your equipment ever does go down, regular maintenance agreements ensure that your equipment will be back up quickly.

Upgrade Equipment:
Upgrading equipment every few years gives your employees the tools to maximize productivity. When you lease equipment, it is easier to upgrade than when you purchase outright.

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Posted by Tech Support