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As an established copier dealer in the metro-Atlanta area, we are often asked our opinion of other dealers in our market. The question of who the best copier companies in Atlanta is on many of our potential customers' minds. Because we believe strongly in answering the questions our customers ask, we have created (in alphabetical order) a list of the top copier dealers in the Atlanta area. We have placed these dealers under the microscope to create our 2018 list. Standard Office Systems has been in the business of servicing copiers, printers, and other office technology for over 50 years, so we understand what it takes to be a great dealer in our area. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t still be here after all this time.


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The Selection Process:

You might be wondering: why would you share a list of your competition to a potential customer? The answer is simple. We are in the business of helping people find the best solutions for their company. If it is us, great! If not, then we are happy knowing that we had a small part in making that goal a reality for you.

Because there are so many dealers, the list of whom to choose can be a bit daunting. With so many options, how do you know how to separate the great companies from the phonies? To make our list, each company was examined carefully for the following traits: years in operation, online reviews, competitive pricing, high levels of support, and additional products offered.

  • Years in Operation: Trusted brands typically have a long track record of business. It isn’t likely a company of any kind will remain in business long if they do not strive to create a brand that can be trusted with service that is dependable. Years of operation gives us insight into that.
  • Online Reviews: More than likely, you have already looked at some of these reviews and noticed a trend with companies that receive a low overall rating. Online reviews offer a glimpse into what customers, and even their employees, think of a business. It is important to note that because these businesses have B2B consumers, most of them will not have bountiful reviews, making each review that much more critical. 
  • Competitive Pricing: This shouldn’t be the number one consideration when deciding what dealer to use, but you can’t ignore your budget. READ: How Much Does A Copier Cost?
  • High Level of Support: The dealers on our list are all local and truly value your business. When you need service, these companies will move with urgency to keep your equipment up and running. If they do it correctly, they will treat you like you are their only customer.
  • Additional Products Offered: By their very nature, manufacturers offer you only one option on equipment – to purchase their products. Unfortunately, no manufacturer is the best at creating everything for your business. As a result, dealers on our list include a variety of product offerings so that the office technology you choose is tailored to specific needs. READ: Copier Dealers vs. Manufacturers: 3 Myths Busted


2018 Winners (In alphabetical order):

  • Atlanta Office Machines
    Atlanta Office Machines provides the Atlanta metro area with a variety of products from Canon, OKI, and Xerox. Headquarters located in Marietta, GA.

  • Atlanta Office Technologies
    Atlanta Office Technologies is a Kyocera dealer serving the Atlanta area by providing office equipment. Headquarters located in Norcross, GA. 

  • Consolidated Copier Services
    Consolidated Copier Services is a locally owned Konica, Minolta, Xerox, and KIP dealer. Headquarters located in McDonough, GA.

  • EGP
    EGP Document Solutions provides copier sales, copier leasing, and copier rentals throughout the Atlanta area. Headquarters located in Duluth, GA.

  • Milner Inc.
    Milner offices are located in north Georgia, southeastern Florida, and central North Carolina. Headquarters located in Norcross, GA.

  • Southern Office Machines
    Southern Office Machines provides office document systems and services for the metro-Atlanta. Headquarters located in Marietta, GA.

  • Superior Document Solutions
    Superior Document Solutions is located in the Atlanta area provides printer and copier maintenance and service as well as new printer sales. Headquarters located in Duluth, GA.

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