Why Unified Communications is Beneficial for Retail

Submitted by Jim Williams on Thu, 09/ 28/ 17 - 05: 10 PM

Shopping is an American past time and will continue to be for decades to come. It’s important for retail stores, large and small, to keep up with a changing landscape of technology to better suit their customers. Unified communications can help both online and physical stores reach their clients in a myriad of ways.


In today’s world business has adapted to technological advances and retail is no different. What used to be handled by paper is now done digitally. For retail this includes the way managers interact with their employees. Whether it’s scheduling, covering last minutes shifts, or messaging between stores, unified communications help to keep employees informed. Managers can send out automated texts to make an announcement or use conference phone systems to collaborate with a partner store.

Customer Service

Customers can interact with retail stores in a multitude of ways. In decades past the only way to speak with a salesperson was in a face to face interaction at the store. Today a customer can reach a store through a phone system with multiple choices depending on the service they are seeking. Retail stores can also include hold music and call forwarding if a client needs to speak with a corporate representative.


Retail stores want online shopping experiences to be on par with brick and mortar for their customers. This means talking with a salesperson over an online messaging program or setting up emails to forward automatically to a group inbox accessible by all managers. Putting a unified communications phone system in place integrates your online and physical presence seamlessly.

The way managers lead their employees, help customers, and balance internet shopping can all benefit from a specialized phone system. Call us today to learn more about unified communications for your retail store in Atlanta.

Posted by Jim Williams


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