Why Small Businesses Are More Prone to Cyber Attacks

Posted by Tech Support on September 14, 2017

When your network is down, being productive is impossible. People are unable to access their files or print needed documents. For small businesses especially time spent away from production is critical. Cyber attacks are stressful and can happen to anyone. Here’s why small businesses are more likely to be targeted.

Size Doesn’t Deter Hackers

Small businesses might think their size give them protection from hackers, but they’re wrong. Cyber attacks can happen to anyone and hackers don’t discriminate based on the scale of the company. In fact, they may tend to target smaller businesses more. Why? A group that doesn’t think it’s at risk from a cyber attack is less likely to put cyber security practices into place. This leaves small businesses in a place of vulnerability.


Leaving your data open to hackers is unwise and dangerous. There is no such thing as being off the radar, and you’re only putting yourself in harm's way by not having a security measure in place. If you do have a fire wall protocols in place, it’s important to make sure that they are up to date and running efficiently.

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Bringing in Help

It’s easy to see how protecting your data can be overwhelming and confusing to keep up with. Managed IT services is when a third party monitors your network and proactively seeks out threats while keeping your sensitive information safe. Small businesses can particularly benefit from managed IT services if they don’t have an IT team of their own to watch over their systems. Relying on an outside party relieves the stress and allows you to focus on business critical tasks.

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