SOS Phishing Test

Your employees are your greatest asset...

...and greatest weakness


The SOS Phishing Test is designed to test your employees vigilance against would-be hackers by employing a variety of challenging-to-detect phishing emails that are designed and function like the real thing.

What You Get with the SOS Phishing Test

Email variants are sent to your employees (unannounced to them). These emails are designed to appear as real phishing emails because they are real phishing emails... just without the negative consequences.

After the conclusion of the test, an SOS IT consultant will meet and go over the results with your internal team, including:
  • Discussing potential vulnerabilities
  • Identifying employees who failed the test
  • Laying out an education program for employees who need further phishing identification training 

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the act of deceiving an individual into revealing sensitive information through various forms of social engineering. As the most popular technique for hackers, phishing is designed to gain access to important documents, bank account information, and more. Sometimes, a phishing attempt is designed to allow a hacker the opportunity to upload ransomware to your network.

What is a Phishing Test?

A phishing test can be administered by your internal IT staff or through a third-party organization with the resources to carry out such a task.

The ultimate goal of a phishing test is to help employees learn what suspicious emails look like and the procedures created to deal with such attempts. 4,000 businesses every day experience a security breach.


By conducting a phishing test, you can discover individuals who are not vigilant or aware of the cyber threats facing your business. This gives you the opportunity to educate these individuals on these threats and how to spot them.

On average, 27% of employees fail a phishing test, but it only takes one to cost your company thousands of dollars and irreparable reputation damage.

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