Network Security Assessment

Have you received your annual network security assessment?

It is recommended by government agencies and private institutions across the globe for a network security assessment to be conducted by a third-party or indirect internal team at least once per year.

By conducting such an assessment, you discover vulnerabilities that may have been overlooked by your internal team or third-party managed services provider.


What is included in a Network Security Assessment?

  • Review of your back-up & disaster recovery plan, including your business continuity strategy in case of an emergency
  • An assessment of your firewall configurations, network and endpoint security
  • Analysis of security patches, licenses, and operating systems' end-of-life
  • An in-depth review of all assets on your network such as applications, licenses, age of equipment, and operating systems
  • Steps for improving any vulnerabilities discovered through our assessment

Is there such a thing as being too protected? We don't think so, either.


Not sure what a Network Security Assessment is?

Read our article addressing this exact question and discover why they are critical to your business' future:

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