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How Do I Get Out of My Copier Lease?

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Thu, 04/ 05/ 18 - 04: 37 PM

The short answer – you can’t. Not really. You have entered into an agreement for a pre-determined amount of time, for a pre-determined amount of money; and the leasing company will collect on all their payments owed. Until you arrive at the date of.

copier lease return, copier service agreement cancelation

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IT Solutions on a Budget

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Thu, 03/ 29/ 18 - 02: 52 PM

If you are a newer or small business, chances are you have limited IT support in-house. Your network security may consist of making sure your anti-virus software is updated, and your equipment is more than likely being serviced by a break-fix shop or.

IT Solutions, IT on a Budget

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Questions to Ask an IT Provider

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Tue, 03/ 27/ 18 - 04: 38 PM



Have you ever had to interview someone for a position, but knew very little about what their job does or even if what they are saying is correct? My hope is that you haven’t, because a situation like that would be stressful. How would you know.

MSP Questions, IT Provider Questions, Managed Services Questions

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Are IT Providers Better for Copier Service?

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Fri, 03/ 23/ 18 - 11: 44 AM


We hear it all the time at Standard Office Systems: “You’re my copier dealer; I didn’t even know you did IT services!”

It’s true. We have been in the IT game for some time now and we still have current customers who are unaware that we manage both..

MSP copier provider

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Why Do Some IT Providers Not Support Mac?

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Wed, 03/ 21/ 18 - 10: 57 AM

As of the writing of this article, Apple is the #1 brand in the world. Most of this success is due to the invention of the smartphone and the droves of people who use iPhones as their personal device. But Mac computers still make up a sizable amount.

MSP Mac support, IT Mac support

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How to Clean Scanner Glass

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Mon, 03/ 12/ 18 - 02: 29 PM

We've all been there. You're in a hurry and need to make a copy of something, quickly. You set your number of copies and hit the start button only to receive 20 copies of a document littered with black streaks. Have you ever wondered why this happens,.

copier glass cleaning

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How to Avoid Copier Service Maintenance Costs

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Tue, 02/ 20/ 18 - 08: 57 AM

We’ve all been there. You finally get the last page of that proposal or document completed. You send it to the printer, and sure enough, it isn’t working. Sometimes it is an easy fix, like a paper jam. Other times, it leaves you frustrated because.

copier maintenance costs

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Production Printing: Is it right for you?

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Thu, 02/ 08/ 18 - 03: 57 PM

Information on production printing is surprisingly challenging to come by, and there are several varying definitions and thresholds for distinguishing it. Generally, print jobs move from standard to production at around 110+ ppm (pages per minute) for.

production printing

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Top Copier Companies in Atlanta 2018

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Mon, 01/ 15/ 18 - 09: 00 AM

As an established copier dealer in the metro-Atlanta area, we are often asked our opinion of other dealers in our market. The question of who the best copier companies in Atlanta is on many of our potential customers' minds. Because we believe.

best copier dealers atlanta, top copier companies

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Recycling Toner Cartridges

Submitted by SOS Can Help on Tue, 01/ 09/ 18 - 10: 44 AM

Each year in North America, 40,000 tons of plastic and metal are saved from lying hundreds of years in landfills due to the recycling of ink and toner cartridges. That number amounts to the amount of four Eiffel Towers, per year! Unfortunately, if the.

recycling toner cartridges

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