First-Rate Voice Products and Services for Your Business

Standard Office Systems is proud to partner with ShoreTel, a company that has provided outstanding VoIP telephony products and services since the late 1990s. Recognized across the world as a leader in IP-based business communications, their solutions can help make your office more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

Advantages of ShoreTel’s Solutions

With ShoreTel’s cloud-based solutions, you can:

  • Access calls, texts, CRM data and other crucial info
  • Take advantage of advanced call routing (by service level, priority, customer identity and other options)
  • Connect and interact with coworkers remotely
  • Manage multiple phones for several locations with ease
  • Add upgrades to your system instantly and effortlessly
  • Integrate them with popular business apps

More on Office Telephony

For more information on SOS’s office telephony offerings, go to the following pages:

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To discuss our ShoreTel solutions and how they can optimize your workplace’s communications,