network Security Management

What is Network Security Management?

Network security management is the process by which your cyber security infrastructure, which is composed of various hardware and software, is installed, configured, and optimized to create and maintain the most secure network while maximizing uptime and efficiency. 

A Managed Service Provider installs, monitors, and updates all the moving parts within your network to ensure that cyber threats are rebuffed.

The SOS Difference

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At Standard Office Systems, we use our industry expertise to help our clients build customized cyber security solutions. 

We work with some of the biggest and best-rated security software providers in the business, which lets your business have access to some of the most robust and high-performing software in the market all in an affordable package.

Since our services are bundled together in one all-inclusive price, you can get access to our whole suite of security software at a lower cost than if you decided to lease all the software yourself.

Our Offering

Here is an overview of our Network Security Management Suite, which is comprised of a carefully curated variety of platforms and products that we use to secure your network, boost productivity, protect sensitive data, and more:

Email Security/Archiving

  • Malware/Ransomware Protection
  • Email Archiving/Backups

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Employee Cyber SEcurity Training

  • Online Cyber Security and Professional Training Platform
  • Corporate Phishing Tests

Network infrastructure

  • Server Virtualization

  • Next-Gen Firewall

  • Network Switches

Network/Endpoint Protection

  • Cyber Threat Detection and Removal
  • Ransomware Detection and Removal
  • Web/Content Filtering
  • Synchronized Security
  • Sandbox Protection
  • Device Encryption
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Data BackuP

  • Desktop Cloud Continuity

  • Software Application as a Service Backup

Remote Work Enablement

  • VPN

  • Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service

  • Remote Conferencing

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