Vendor Management

What is Vendor Management?

Vendor management is a process that occurs before and after a contract is signed with a vendor to ensure the best pricing, offering, and customer service. Organizations have enough business-critical tasks to complete that they don't need to be burdened with managing the contracts and relationships with all of their vendors. 

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can oversee your business' relationships with a variety of technology vendors, from Internet and business phone providers to cyber security software providers.

Benefits of MSP-Based Vendor Management

Businesses employing effective vendor management processes can experience the following benefits:

  • Employee productivity− By letting your MSP manage vendor issues, you and your employees will waste less time communicating back and forth with vendors or sitting on hold on a phone call to resolve an issue.
  • Cost savings− Since Managed Service Providers already have established relationships and partnerships with some of the best vendors in the industry, they can typically get your business better pricing on products and services than your business could get by yourself.
  • Improved vendor service and performance− By vetting vendors before contracts are signed to ensure that they have a high-quality customer service and product offering and then analyzing vendor performance during the contract period, an MSP can ensure that your vendors deliver on what they initially promised.
  • Expertise-driven solutions Since Managed Service Providers have in-depth knowledge about cyber security and technology, they can help your business aptly identify its needs and wants in a technology vendor and then find suitable candidates for the job.
  • Operational efficiency Since MSP's manage your network functionality and security, naturally it makes sense for them to work with the vendors that ensure these points.

The SOS Difference

Vendor Management Atlanta


As a managed IT service provider, multifunction printer dealer and business phone system provider, we have a wide array of in-depth technical expertise, which has armed us with the knowledge to help businesses select the right technology vendors and evaluate if they are performing their job correctly.

quarterly tElco Vendor audits

At SOS, we offer quarterly vendor audits to provide updates on vendor performance and, when necessary, recommendations on which vendors to replace. Each quarter, we give a summary of which vendors we have worked with to resolve issues, and we thoroughly rate their customer service as well as the quality of their offering itself.

If we notice that a vendor consistently has issues, poor customer service, or an inadequate offering, we will make a recommendation to replace that vendor, and then will work with you to find a suitable new vendor.

Our Offering

The following list comprises the main types of technology vendors that we typically work with:

  • Business Phone Providers

  • Copier Manufacturers 

  • Website Hosting Platforms

  • Cable or Internet Providers 

  • Cloud Storage Providers

  • Line of Business Applications (Salesforce, quickbooks, etc.)

  • Cyber Security Software Providers

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