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A company’s communications solution is vital to its productivity. You need the ability to connect with others and share information in a variety of ways.

SOS Elevate (by Intermedia™) offers a series of business and corporate phone systems and solutions to help our clients improve how they communicate. With our business phone systems and other equipment, applications and services, we can help you construct a communications solution that meets your specific business demands.

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Unified Communications

With hosted phone systems or on-premise solutions, ensure your business' phone system is prepared to handle the needs of your customers and your employees.


The future is in the cloud. Are you still using a landline with a monthly phone bill to connect your employees to your customers? VoIP systems allow for next-level communication options and flexibility. Integrate your computer systems with your phone systems and join the future of office communications.


Partner with one of the leading phone system providers for business and enjoy the benefits of owning the latest technology in business communications.

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