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By 2025, industry experts have projected that 25% of the American workforce will be remote-a 13% increase from 2019. As remote work becomes more of a mainstay, more businesses are looking to outfit their employees with devices that are not only affordable but secure.

However, outfitting a remote office can quickly become expensive. The cost of business phones, laptops, and printers can add up, and what about when these devices break? Some businesses purchase these devices from major retailers that don't have service contracts, which means that when these devices break, service costs are left up to the customer.

Additionally, once a remote office is set up, the task of securing it truly begins. Remote office security is increasingly becoming more of a priority for businesses as cyber attacks targeting businesses of all sizes continue to rise. While the task of securing employee computers is complex enough, remote cyber security becomes more complex when business phones and employees' printers are involved. 

At Standard Office Systems, we aim to serve as a trusted office technology provider that companies can use to build remote office spaces that are not only affordable but secure.


SOS Remote Office Bundles

Use our remote office bundles as an all-in-one solution to outfit employee home offices. From a security standpoint, executives will find our "security first" bundles helpful, as they are commonly the targets of cyber attacks. When building these bundles, we only included the most secure solutions available on the market.

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Note: The featured products in these bundles were chosen because they provide the best quality for the lowest price. However, we understand that businesses may want more customizable options. To learn about what other product customizations are available, contact us! 


featured printer: HP 50 PPM Multifunction Printer

As one of the largest HP, Canon, Sharp, and Kyocera dealers in the southeastern United States, we have been a trusted name in printing technology for over 50 years.

Based on our extensive industry expertise, we chose to feature the HP 50 PPM Multifunction Printer in our bundles. While HP is already known as an industry leader for printer security, this printer in particular has a range of advanced security features. 

This printer's speed and high-yield cartridges maximize productivity while getting the most print jobs out of your cartridges. 

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LDAP Authentication
Secure Boot Up/Shutdown
Data Encryption
Security Manager
High-Yield Cartridges
Wireless Printing
Color Print and Scan
Mobile Printing
50 PPM



HP PageWide Color MFP PNG





Featured VoIP Phone: sos Elevate Pro

Are your remote employees using their cell phones to do business? Did you purchase a second phone for each remote worker? If so, there's a better way to operate. 

We used our office technology expertise to build a comprehensive phone offering featuring our own custom-branded line of Elevate™ VoIP phones, powered by industry leader Intermedia™. These phones ensure that remote employees can easily communicate with one another and with customers just as they would if they were in the office. 

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HIPAA Compliant End-to-End Encryption
Voicemail with Transcription
Desktop and Mobile Applications
Secure Remote Conferencing Platform
10GB of ShareSync File Storage
Additional Integrations with Active Directory, G Suite, Outlook, Slack, O365, MS Teams (Add-On), Sugar CRM, Zoho, and Zendesk 


Intermedia Unite phones | Intermedia




Featured laptop: HP Probook 440

When businesses operations go remote, network security measures can become strained without the proper infrastructure to ensure a solid foundation, and trained employees to handle network issues. Having the right laptop is one step businesses can take to better secure their remote networks. 

As a Managed Service Provider, we used our cyber security expertise to keep data protection at the forefront when we built these bundles. The HP Probook 440 is an affordable option for businesses looking to secure company data. 

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HP Secure Erase
HP Sure Click
*Fingerprint Sensor
14" Display

*Available on select models

HP Probook 440


Featured Security Software: Sophos endpoint protection and disK encryption

Securing a laptop involves more than simply owning a high-quality brand. Security software works in conjunction with your laptop to protect sensitive company data. To offer comprehensive network protection, our bundles include an option add-on for those who purchase a Plus package.

With this package, you can lease Sophos Endpoint Protection and Disk Encryption software.

Sophos Endpoint Protection lets users manage and protect endpoints from a centralized platform without any negative impacts on computer speed, which helps secure data.

SophosDisk Encryption helps businesses maintain compliance with data privacy regulations and keep data out of the hands of cyber criminals. Easy setup and maintenance mean that even those with little to no internal IT can manage the platform easily.

Endpoint Protection Features
Data Loss Prevention
Web Filtering/Security
Disk Encryption Features
Minimal Setup/Maintenance
Secure File Sharing
Device Visibility

   Endpoint Protection-1

   Data Encryption


Benefits of Our Bundles

Data Security

As a Managed Service Provider, we used our cyber security knowledge to build remote office bundles that include the most secure devices on the market. 

While our bundles equip your network with the devices it needs to better secure remote employee data, ongoing network monitoring and maintenance that can be achieved with the security software in the Plus package ensure that data stays secure. 

Quality customer service and uptime

When you buy office technology directly from a major retailer, service is not built into the pricing. This means that while the pricing is cheaper up-front, variable maintenance and downtime costs quickly add up.

Without service contracts, businesses are left to ship their devices off to be fixed, which can potentially take weeks, causing productivity loss in the meantime. At SOS, we offer un-paralleled service.

With a Net Promoter Score, a standard used to measure customer satisfaction, that is higher than that of major companies such as Amazon and Costco, we fix customer issues professionally and much more quickly than they would be fixed by shipping away devices.

Cost Savings

While purchasing a printer or computer from a major retailer like Staples seems like a low-cost route to take, hidden costs quickly add up.

When it comes to printers, many found in retail stores are designed for infrequent home use as opposed to the frequent usage that remote employees may need. This results in higher costs per page and slow speeds that dramatically impact your business' efficiency and bottom line. Additionally, these printers typically aren't sold with service contracts. 

While local dealers like us specialize in selling business-grade office machines, we also have partnerships with manufacturers such as HP that allow us to secure special pricing. This means that we can typically offer comparable prices to those of major retailers

Additionally, we have an entire service department dedicated solely to fixing any problems you may have with your equipment. Signing a service contract with us saves you the money you would have spent paying a third-party company to fix issues. 

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