Professional IT Services

Technology Consulting

Successful businesses lean on the expertise of others. Standard Office Systems' IT services offers a team of IT professionals to organizations, including a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to be leveraged for your company's advantage.

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Benefits of a vCIO:

  • A technology consultant who is available to your business any day of the work week
  • Assists in switching applications and adding new locations
  • Seeks ways to help your organization do business better by leveraging the latest technology to its advantage 

Technology Solution Engineering

Never worry about ensuring your routers, switches, servers, computers, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) remain updated. SOS' technology solution engineering lifts the tedious task of ensuring that these systems remain current and allows your organization to focus on other important business matters.

Additional benefits include assistance with new application or new technology onboarding.

Training Facilities

SOS offers a large lecture room that is perfect for customers who do not have an adequate space for training a large number of employees at one time. Training facility bookings are complimentary to all Standard Office Systems professional IT services customers.

SOS Training Room Features:

  • Seats for 40+ employees (with room for additional seating)
  • Professional desks with outlets for laptops
  • Complimentary guest Wi-Fi
  • Projector and projector screen with Internet access
  • Audio supplied through permanent ceiling speakers 
  • Whiteboard
  • Lectern
  • Private entrance to training facilities 
  • Private bathrooms

Equipment Rentals

One of the largest concerns of any employer is a loss in productivity. In the inevitable event of a malfunctioning switch, UPS, or computer, SOS will ensure your organization stays productive by providing temporary equipment for your location until the original equipment can be repaired or replaced.

Proof of Concept Lab Testing

The Standard Office Systems Lab exists to ensure equipment have been vetted by our in-house team before it is delivered to a customer. This reduces end-user frustration upon deliver and offers peace of mind to all SOS IT customers who leverage our products and services.

Annual Telco Services Audit

There are many moving parts to an organization's office technology solution. As a full-service office technology provider, Standard Office Systems provides a complimentary audit to its managed IT services customers to ensure optimal use of company dollars. This includes monthly usage assessments of:

  • Business phone systems
  • Internet usage
  • Copiers/printers

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