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24/7 Network Monitoring

When your network experiences downtime, it can greatly impact your business. Productivity suffers and you might be unable to work.

SOS Network Monitoring ensures that your network is protected by taking a proactive approach to identifying potential threats using the latest technology from our partners at Sophos™.

While the SOS IT support team is here to help you recover when IT issues arise, our ultimate goal is to prevent network issues in the first place. Our knowledgeable team will prevent security breaches, identify potential network issues, avoid complications from slow servers, and create systems that eliminate the eventuality of network downtime.  


  • Maintenance- SOS actively manages your servers and PCs and provides necessary security and software update patches
  • Security- uninterrupted network monitoring for potential threats, greatly reducing the possibility of a network security breach
  • Support- proactive monitoring to improve response time and 24x7 help desk support available to your employees whenever they need it at no additional cost
  • Minimized Downtime- downtime becomes nonexistent as we proactively work to prevent IT issues combined with our virtual servers that keep you running even when your network experiences downtime
  • Productivity- free up in-house personnel with Standard Office Systems managed IT services and allow them to focus on other tasks that assist your organization in being more efficient

Email Security, archiving and continuity

Email Security Companies AtlantaStandard Office Systems leverages some of the most advanced email filtering and security solutions on the market today. This means that your business is better protected from its biggest security threat.

Its employees.

94% of all malware today is being delivered via email and 80% of security breaches are caused by phishing campaigns designed to trick your employees into exposing sensitive information (like passwords) to cyber criminals.

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SOS Email Management and Security Offering

  • Impersonation protection against user or domain spoofing
  • Email sandboxing for attachment detonation
  • URL protection for proactive link scanning
  • Browser isolation to help users safely browse while blocking potential malware infection or phishing attempts

Email Continuity

In the event that your email client goes offline, email continuity provided by SOS ensures you are "always on" and accessible by PC, Mac, web, and mobile apps.

  • Uninterrupted access to live and historic email and calendar information
  • Seamless service fallover and fallback - no action required by the end user
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry smartphones
  • Anytime, anywhere, email access via secure web portal, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • 100% service availability SLA

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