Canon DX C5860i vs Sharp MX-6071 [Comparison]

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Canon DX C5850i and Sharp MX 6071 Reviews


This article is a great guide for anyone looking to purchase or lease a Canon imageRUNNER DX C5860i or a Sharp MX-6071. Whether you are looking for a review of one of the machines just listed or a comparison of both, this article will give you a comprehensive and unbiased breakdown of both.

After all, as one of the southeast's leading copier dealers for Canon and Sharp, so we sell both machines. No need to worry about bias toward one or the other.

Before moving forward, you should be aware that the machines in this review are considered production printers, therefore, most organizations will only need their output capabilities if they:

  1. Have large workgroups who will have the need to print often (ex: schools, large corporations, etc.), or
  2. Print in high volumes between large periods of inactivity (ex: large churches)

I say all of this with caveat that this is the lowest end of a production printers and some would argue that it is just a much more robust office printer. These are not the machines you should consider if you plan to print often on heavy stock paper (something that would be necessary for print shops or marketing agencies who do in-house printing).

Not sure if you need a production printer? You can check out our article below and decide for yourself:

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Manufacturer Overview

Canon DX C5860i Review

Sharp MX-6071 Review

What About Copier Service?

Manufacturer Overview

As a disclaimer, all of our third-party information comes from our friend's at Keypoint Intelligence - a trusted industry research firm. Additional data was curated from our own customers and their purchasing of Canon and Sharp machines from Standard Office Systems.

Canon has long been synonymous as one of the market leaders in the multifunction copier/device business, but recently, Sharp has been making tremendous progress in closing the gap.

The high standard in reliability, security, and image quality that you can expect from a Canon machine can now be found with other manufacturers for a lower cost (in some cases). Sharp continues working to become increasingly more reliable, but security is now comparable to Canon copiers.

As for image quality? That comes down to preference. Technically, Canon still maintains a slight edge when it comes to third-party research, however, we have worked with many customers who feel that Sharp machines produce a superior image.

When choosing based on image quality, make sure to bring sample materials that you plan to print on your machine. After all, it needs to look the best with your artwork, not stock artwork that the dealer uses during their demo. This will ensure you are happy with your final decision and know what to expect.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of personal preference and only you can make that decision.

This article will give you pros and cons to each machine. We will not outright choose for you, but rather give you the tools to make a more informed buying decision. 

Cannon imageRUNNER Advance DX C5850i Review

Canon DX C5860i PicturedRelease Date: May 2021
Prints: Color
Speed: 60 ppm
Dimensions: 36-7/8" x 24-3/8" x 28-1/2"

Designed for medium and large workgroups, the Canon imageRUNNER Advance DX C5860i has superb reliability, security, and all-around usability. This ensures minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.

Copier Strengths

  • Quick recovery time from sleep mode during the day for quick printing, even when the machine has not been used
  • Fast scanning for two-sided prints
  • Above average maximum paper capacity for increased efficiency 
  • Exceptional color gamut for more accurate color prints

Copier Weaknesses

  • No onscreen editing or page rotation for scanned documents
  • Shorter print jobs experience below-average print speeds
  • Single-sided scanning is slower-than-average

Sharp MX-6071 Review

Sharp MX-6071 PicturedRelease Date: April 2019
Prints: Color
Speed: 60 ppm
Dimensions: 33" x 24" x 26"

A great value for medium and large workgroups, the Sharp MX-6071 provides exceptional reliability, often at a lower price point per device. 

The device also sees a functionality boost via Sharp OSA's integration with network applications and cloud services. The machine is somewhat limited on applications that are available, but attempts to resolve this through its intuitive Application Portal, making it simpler for administrators to update firmware and add new apps.

Copier Strengths

  • Two-sided print job speeds are above-average
  • Two-sided copy jobs were among the fastest of its class
  • Faster processing with above-average memory and hard drive capacities
  • Above-average maximum paper capacity for added efficiency 

Copier Weaknesses

  • Secure print procedures, while they exist, are not intuitive to the average user
  • Help function is limited and contextually sensitive (does not offer specific help based on the screen you are viewing)
  • Below-average standard paper capacity 

Canon C5850i and Sharp MX-6071 Copier Service

What About Copier Service?

There are many more factors to consider when purchasing a copier. For instance, a great machine with terrible support or service becomes a very average piece of equipment. If reliability is at 99%, but the one time it does have issues takes days or weeks to receive service, then you negate that reliability. 

Regarding the difference between dealers and manufacturers, we wrote an article on the myths when comparing copier dealers and manufacturers, and it has become an eye-opener for many. You might be surprised to learn that there are many similarities to the two and a few key differences. 

Regardless of the decision you make, be sure to fully understand how to choose your copier vendor so that you can be assured your machines will be up and running without issue. With copiers being so comparable from manufacturer to manufacturer, the real difference is in the service you receive after the purchase.

If you would like to learn more details about the machines listed in this article, please reach out to us, today!

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