Document Management

Document Management

Go Paperless with Document Management

Thanks to the advent of electronic document management systems, the dream of a paperless office is within reach for many companies.

Instead of bulky filling cabinets, you can now store information digitally. Whenever you need a crucial piece of information, you can retrieve it with a simple search. At the same time, guard against unauthorized access of your information by alleviating security headaches while saving time, space, and money.

Standard Office Systems can recommend an integrated document management system that will meet the specific needs of your company. We can help you reclaim office space and increase your productivity.

Benefits of Document Management

SOS’s document management systems give you numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased profitability - less paper, fewer costs

  • Increased competitive advantage - improving the speed at which information can be stored and retrieved so that you keep customers happier more easily

  • Enhanced B2B and B2C relationships - better organization and management of your company's paper trail builds trust with your customers

  • Easier regulatory compliance - never lose a document again and always keep sensitive materials safe

  • Reduced risk of liability and litigation - keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands by going digital and implementing better protection

To ensure that you get the best available solutions, SOS partners with leading software developers. Our award-winning systems enable you to integrate your paper and electronic documents from any source. You can create a collective pool for your documents from which you can retrieve information whenever the need arises.

Document Routing & Capture

SOS also has document routing and capture solutions, which enable you to create and distribute electronic documents more efficiently. Their features include:

  • Automated Document Indexing: 1D and 2D barcodes and optical character recognition (OCR) technology let you index documents and add them to your document management database automatically. You can retrieve all of these documents easily and streamline your workflows.
  • Automated Application Data Entry: You can extract data from your documents automatically. From there, you can transfer the data to accounting, inventory or CRM systems.

Electronic Forms Solutions

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, SOS offers electronic forms solutions, which let you:

  • Replace pre-printed forms: Pre-printed forms can be expensive to maintain and update. By enhancing your ability to print forms on demand, electronic forms solutions help you cut production costs.
  • Make marketing more one-on-one: Electronic forms solutions let you market to your client base more strategically. You can create personalized, compelling materials that speak to customers’ individual buying habits.
  • Conduct invoice marketing: You can redesign your invoices to create space for customer-focused advertising. You can include information on special deals and sell directly to someone who has already bought from you.
  • Distribute invoices faster: Electronic form technology allows you to send invoices via fax or email as well. You can get information to customers faster and store digital copies for yourself instantly.

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