97.9% Billing Accuracy

Professionals happy with the accuracy of their bill.

Why Billing Accuracy Matters To Your Business


Most companies tend to undervalue the importance of billing accuracy. Today billing accuracy is a golden opportunity that businesses need to embrace.

That’s where Standard Office Systems comes in. Standard Office Systems realizes how important accurate billing is to your company.

We take great pride in our 97.9% billing accuracy. You can trust that all charges match your expectations. We accomplish this near-total precision with our in-house billing policies and strategic initiatives.


Customized Billing

Standard Office Systems specializes in the customization of all billing based on your companies specific needs.

Monthly reporting and invoices can include the monthly lease payment for all devices, cost per copy for each device and can be attached to a specific user, department, cost center or any other company initiate.

Any and all questions will be directed to our dedicated local administrative, accounting and billing team.

Your dedicated SOS Strategic Account Manager can meet with your company to set a strategic initiative and write any custom reports as needed.


Local Dedicated Billing Administrators

Our dedicated local billing administrators work closely with our Strategic Account Managers and stay up-to-date on all aspects of our clients’ accounts. This enables us to spot and correct errors reliably and quickly.

SOS handles all billing in-house, which allows us to bring the highest level of checks and balances to the process.


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