Is Your Network Ready for Unified Communications?

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If you're feeling the crunch of modern business, you're probably ready to transform your legacy phone system into something that's ready for the demands of the 21st century. But before you dive in and implement a VoIP system, you should be sure that your network is ready. Work with your IT team to implement these tips before you purchase a unified communications system for your Atlanta business.

Get Your Network Ready for Voice

If you're ready to transfer your entire phone system to your network, it's time to tweak your data network. VoIP means that your network will have to be ready to accommodate a large amount of new data, and there's a good chance your current configuration isn't up to the task. The worst outcome is to integrate a new phone system and not have proper support to keep it up and running. Here's how to get ready.

  • Routers: Your routers may already be voice-ready, but it's important to check with your carrier to see if you'll need to make any changes to transmit voice.
  • Firewalls: You'll need to adjust your firewalls to allow voice traffic since they're specifically designed to keep outside information in.
  • Ethernet switches: These may already be voice-ready, but be sure that you'll have enough power routed to them to support the extra work they'll be doing.
  • Applications: Finally, any applications you'll be using should be voice-ready as well to ensure a smooth transition for your employees. For instance, employees should be able to access their applications while talking on the phone—otherwise, you'll have a productivity issue on your hands.

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