Oce Colorado Printer: the Game-Changer of 2020 [with videos]

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I know what you're thinking. People throw the word game-changer around like it's the greatest way to describe a new product (and there are no others). It's a cliche, but, it's also incredibly accurate to describe the new Oce Colorado (a Canon company product).

The Colorado is a game-changer because it finally addresses the issues that were holding companies back who needed to print high-quality wide format media at a faster rate. This article will discuss the benefits of the machine in a comprehensive review (with videos!).

Here's what we're covering in this article:

What Does the Oce Colorado Printer Solve?
How Does the Oce Colorado Printer's Technology Work?
How is the Oce Colorado Printer More Cost Efficient?
Who Can Use the Oce Colorado Printer?
How Expensive is the Oce Colorado Printer?


What Problems Does the Oce Colorado Printer Solve?

Canon decided to tackle one of the biggest issues plaguing companies who do a great deal of wide format printing as an important line of business.

The problem?

In the "old days," if you wanted to get more production you had to purchase another printer or run your printers during the weekend or late hours of the night. This meant that it was difficult to increase your profit margins, and unless you were getting significantly more business, difficult to increase your profits in general.

The issue many wide format printers in the Colorado's classification have is that a significant amount of time is used to allow prints to dry. Ultimately, that's when printers are paid by their customers. Not when they are printed, but when they are ready to be delivered (meaning, dry).

Canon found a patented way to create wide format prints that come out dry. The result was an incredible increase in productivity, saving business owners time and money.


How Does the Oce Colorado Printer's Technology Work?

The secret is in Canon's UV gel technology. The ink is actually more like a gel that is melted within the printer heads. Because the technology allows the media (paper or vinyl) to stay cool during the process, the liquid returns to gel form once it touches the surface.

Millions of gel droplets can be placed next to or on top of each other during the printing process, which allows for the Colorado to create brilliantly colorful and detailed displays without using more ink.

LED technology cures the gel droplets later and the result is an instantly dry print that uses less ink than its counterparts.

Better still, your prints come out exactly the same each time. Many printers have print heads that are required to be refilled in order to function at 100%. The Colorado has sensors that not only alert the user when replacements are needed, but instruct other print heads to compensate for any that are out.

This means printers no longer have to redo a print that is mostly printed just because the print head ran out of ink before the job was completed.


How is the Oce Colorado Printer More Cost Efficient?

A machine that's this efficient has to have a catch, right?

As it turns out, the Colorado is able to use 40% less ink than other printers and because of its ability to compensate for print heads that are running low, you don't waste time or materials waiting for service or having to restart a print job that's midway through.

Additionally, print heads are able to be tested without the use of any ink by using an acoustic nozzle testing process. Canon has truly outdone itself here and is allowing companies to complete more finished jobs for customers without increasing staffing costs.


Who Can Use the Oce Colorado Printer?

In this article, I've been speaking about printers using the Oce Colorado, but its application is only limited by your imagination. Because of its low heat process, the Colorado can be used in a variety of industries due to its ability to print on a wide variety of media types .

The gel is durable and scratch resistant, so it makes sense to use the Colorado for more than just printing posters. Printing banners, wallpaper, and billboards are all possible with this machine.

Furthermore, the Colorado's ink is odorless and is AgBB and Green Garden certified. This means prints from this machine can be used indoors where health considerations might become a factor. 


How Expensive is the Oce Colorado Printer?

A printer that can create highly vibrant and detailed prints at a faster speed must cost more?


The Oce Colorado is shockingly priced so low that businesses can often purchase two units for the price of one of the higher-end machines!

They are able to achieve this through efficient design and a patented process that allows Oce and Canon to disrupt the wide format printing market. Don't take my word for it. Reach out to your local dealer and ask to see a demo.

If you're in the Atlanta area, we have a Colorado on our showroom floor and it's nothing short of miraculous to see in action.

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