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Dave McClelland

Dave McClelland is a nineteen-year veteran in the IT industry. He has worked as both internal and managed IT staff within companies ranging from SMB's to major corporations. At SOS, Dave improves customer experience by modernizing internal infrastructure and implementing new network solutions. Dave's favorite part of his job is seeing a well-oiled machine work as it is designed, whether it's through a ticket escalation workflow or a secured email system.
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NOC vs. SOC: What's the Difference?

Submitted by Dave McClelland on Tue, 02/ 02/ 21 - 12: 00 PM


Businesses looking to better secure their network may turn to either a Network Operations Center (NOC) or a Security Operations Center (SOC). However, when both sound so similar, it can be difficult to use their.

Managed IT Services, cybersecurity, network operations center

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