Contact Centers Compared: RingCentral vs. Intermedia vs. Talkdesk

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Compare RingCentral Intermedia and Talkdesk Contact Centers


Businesses looking to better manage and run their call centers may turn to Contact Centers as a viable option. However, with multiple industry leaders in the market, it can become tough to choose which one is best suited for your business. Keep reading to see a list of features to consider when shopping for a Contact Center as well as a comparison of three industry leaders: RingCentral, Intermedia, and Talkdesk.

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Benefits of Contact Center

Features to Look for in a Contact Center Provider

Contact Center Providers Compared

Benefits of Contact Center

Contact Centers Compared

Contact Center can have multiple applications in a business setting. Whether it's used for pre-customer interactions (ie. sales prospecting calls) or current customer interactions (ie. billing, customer support, and help desk), Contact Center can streamline and improve business operations in a variety of ways. 

Customer Insights

  • Real-time customer insights speed up interactions
  • Deep historical call reporting helps drive improved future interactions

Centralized and Efficient Operations

  • Centralized management from one portal that's accessible anywhere at any time
  • Combine voice, chat, and email queues into a single omni-channel experience
  • CRM integrations allow for efficient sales and marketing operations


  • Use whichever phone systems you prefer for your business, whether that's your current business phone systems or personal employee smartphones 
  • Integrate with software that allows third party integrations using API. This means that users can integrate Contact Center with CRM's like Salesforce, enterprise planning software, and more. 

Remote Office Support

  • Support multi-site call centers and remote agents through Contact Center
  • Enable employees to conduct calls, emails, and chats from their personal smartphone
  • Smoothly transition to remote operations at the touch of a button

Productivity Increase

  • Analyze team performance by queue, team, or agent with real-time dashboards and historical reports
  • Enhance audience engagement with outreach campaign capabilities
  • Automate sales calls to increase call quotas

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Features to Look for in a Contact Center Provider

TalkDesk vs. RingCentral vs. Intermedia

Blended Call Center

A blended call center is capable of both inbound and outbound call operations. The key to a blended call center is the mix of automatic call distribution and predictive dialing.

Call Recording

Call recording is an important yet overlooked feature for several reasons. If a call with a customer goes sour and that customer wrongly files a complaint, a recorded call can be used as proof to reject their claims.

From a customer service standpoint, call recording can also be used to review employee performance and identify areas for improvement. 

Campaign Management

A Campaign Management System (CMS) is software designed to handle the different parts of a call center's marketing campaigns. Call center managers can use CMS' to more efficiently do their jobs by centralizing the storage and management of call center data.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allows for calls to more quickly be routed to the appropriate employee, thus improving the customer experience. 

Callers can use their voice to answer prompts about their reason for calling, which department they would like to speak to, etc.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialing is the process by which a caller is connected to a live agent. The Contact Center software progresses through the company contact list until it finds an agent who is available to take the call. This ensures that calls are answered faster.


Geo-routing (geographical routing) forwards phone calls to a set destination based on the geographical location of the caller once they manually enter their zipcode. This feature lets businesses further automate, streamline, and customize their call routing system.

Queue Management

This feature lets you put many calls on hold while your agents are busy. This way, you’ll never lose inbound calls. Queuing is the most effective when combined with another tool like IVR or an auto attendant.

Queuing calls benefit businesses because it allows them to adequately provide call routing to staff without sacrificing availability to callers.

This way, the customer can confirm if self-service will solve their issue. They can also make sure they arrive at the right department after waiting on hold momentarily.

Real-Time Chat

This feature allows customers to virtually chat with a live agent instead of calling in to a call center. This is beneficial for streamlining call center operations while giving customers multiple contact options, thus diversifying and improving the user experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Call analytics give employees and their managers insight into their performance. For instance, one can see the average call length, number of completed calls, etc.

Contact Center Providers Compared

Depending on your business' needs and budget, any of these Contact Centers could be a good fit for you. Prioritizing which features of a business phone system are crucial, which are wants, and which are unnecessary will help you narrow down which one is a better fit.

For instance, if your business doesn't need the Interactive Voice Response feature then you might not penalize a business that doesn't have this feature. Your budget also affects the level of service you would be looking for in a business phone system. Depending on your budget, you might look for a no-frills phone system or an all-inclusive one. 

No matter which one you choose, make sure you thoroughly conduct research to figure out which features are necessary for your business. The right business phone provider will work with you to streamline your business and propel you to greater heights. 

Using the features we described in the previous section, below is a comparison of three Contact Center industry leaders− Intermedia, RingCentral, and Talkdesk.

Features Intermedia RingCentral Talkdesk
Blended Call Center Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Management Yes Yes No
Interactive Voice Response Yes Yes Yes
Progressive Dialer Yes Yes Yes
Geo-Routing Yes No No
Queue Management Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Chat Yes Yes Yes
Reporting and Analytics Yes Yes Yes


Contact Centers help businesses make their call centers more efficient and productive. By comparing three industry leaders for Contact Center, we hope your business is better poised to pick the right solution for you!

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