Do I Have to Replace My Printers When Using a New Vendor?

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Do I Have to Replace My Printers


If you're reading this, you've likely discovered how expensive your printing costs are, or that your print fleet is becoming unreasonable from a maintenance and time perspective. 

You've likely called and spoken with printer vendors who have sent you proposals that involve something similar to changing your HP print fleet to Kyocera, or your Canon printers to Brothers - all under the promise of saving you money while "upgrading your equipment."

You may be feeling stuck. After all, you're looking for a different provider, but you don't want to change all of your printers over to new models. Maybe the ones you currently have are only a couple years old. 

Unfortunately, you quickly realize there aren't that many providers in your area that can service the printer fleet that you have. Perhaps you have Canon copiers, but HP printers, and there's no one in your market that can take care of both for you. Maybe, you only need your desktop printers serviced, but the vendors you're speaking with won't only service your printers. 

Does it have to be this way in order to get service for your printers?

This article discusses the options you have as an organization looking for service, without changing your current printer fleet. 

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Do I Have to Replace My Printers?

What Are Managed Print Services?

Where Can I Find a MPS Provider?


Do I Have to Replace My Printers?

The short answer is, no.

At least, that's the honest reality. But it's slightly more complex than a one word answer.

Most copier dealers want you to replace your existing fleet because that's what they service. It makes total sense, right? Why would you want a dealer that isn't trained on your equipment to service your equipment?

You wouldn't.

Manufacturers aren't in the business of servicing another brand's equipment, either. They're in the business of selling their print devices. So, you aren't going to find a manufacturer that's willing to do this.

If you want to use your existing fleet, but you don't want to use your current provider to manage it (maybe due to poor service, a lack of value, etc.), you have to find another provider who also carries that brand.

But is that the only option?

Depending on where you're located, there may be a dealer available to you who specializes in managed print services. If so, you'll be able to receive service on all your print devices or just a portion of them, without having to replace anything.

What are Managed Print Services?

What Are Managed Print Services


This service can be leveraged as a partial offering - meaning service of part of a print fleet - or entire family of devices that make-up an organizations printers/copiers.

Often, a copier dealer or manufacturer will say that they offer managed print services, but in reality, they only service and sell machines that they carry. This can be challenging if a business has multiple locations across the country, with various printer brands represented. 


Where Can I Find an MPS Provider?

MPS National Coverage

Beyond Standard office Systems, there are very few true managed print service providers, though many local and larger copier dealers will tell you that they are. Flex Technology Group is the largest MPS provider in the United States.

Located in Mesa, Arizona, FlexPrint is the flagship location of this national brand that consists of 14 total locations across the United States. Flex services all brands other than Xerox, making them a true MPS company. 

The key point to remember when determining if a provider truly offers managed print services can be found in their proposal. If a provider claims they do managed print services, but wants to "rip and replace" you current printers (that is, if you don't want to change), that's a huge red flag.

Yes, there are benefits to receiving new equipment, or even equipment that an MPS provider is an authorized dealer to carry, but a true MPS will not make that a requirement to win your business. 

If you want to know more about managed print services, reach out to Standard Office Systems, today, and see what your options are for better managing your print fleet.



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