Do You Have the Right Mix of Office Equipment?

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Sue in accounting is printing an extensive report, while Jim from HR is waiting to copy job applications. You know your meeting starts in fifteen minutes, and all you need is a few copies of handouts—but it doesn't look like you'll get that anytime soon. It's a traffic jam at the printer.

For many offices, this is an everyday reality. It's a fact that slows down productivity impacts office morale, and leads to more than a little frustration. The answer may not be only purchasing more printers, but also making sure that your office has access to the right mix of technologies to get the job done. Some offices have too much of one kind of device (often these devices are printers) and too few of other devices, such as scanners, copiers, and fax machines.

Mix it Up: Finding the Right Balance of Technology

When it comes printing, faxing, scanning, and copying in the office, there are countless options available to you. Most offices have some mix of the following:

  • Printers: Printers come in all shapes and sizes: inkjet, laser, color, black-and-white, standalone and multifunction, desktop size or much larger.
  • Copiers: Most copiers today are digital and are often closely related to printers in capabilities.
  • Fax machine: Today's fax machines are typically combined with other devices since faxing isn't as business-critical as it used to be. This can cause a hangup when someone needs to fax a document on a printer that is in frequent use.
  • Scanner: For offices that often digitize records, a standalone scanner is an absolute must. However, most companies rely on scanners already included in their printers—which can be a productivity holdup.

We can help you decide exactly how many devices you need in your Atlanta office to operate at maximum efficiency—in fact, we can even help you place them for best results. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.

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