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How Does Antivirus Work?

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 09/ 01/ 20 - 12: 00 PM


When most people think of the word "antivirus", they think about that software you download on your computer to keep you from being hacked. While this is true, it is a simplistic definition. Keep reading to find out what.

cybersecurity, antivirus

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What is a VPN?

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 04/ 14/ 20 - 12: 00 PM


Virtual Private Networks, known as VPN's, are a great asset to your business. By allowing your employees to access and share files on your network securely, you help mitigate the risk of data breaches. Keep reading to.

cyber security best practices, cyber security solutions, cybersecurity, small business cyber security

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What is Malware? [In Under 60 Words]

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 11/ 01/ 19 - 12: 00 PM


Many cyber security terms are thrown around, which makes distinguishing one from another confusing. Malware has been making headlines for how prevalent it is. But what is it? Keep reading to learn a basic definition, the.

cyber security best practices, cybercrime

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What is the Dark Web? [Info + Tips]

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 09/ 20/ 19 - 03: 41 PM

The Dark Web sounds like a scary story made up to keep children from wandering onto risky websites. Rumors surrounding its contents have been speculated for years, spinning tales of black market organ sales and drug trafficking..

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Why Unified Communications is Beneficial for Retail

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 09/ 28/ 17 - 05: 10 PM

Shopping is an American past time and will continue to be for decades to come. It’s important for retail stores, large and small, to keep up with a changing landscape of technology to better suit their customers. Unified communications can help both.

Unified Communications

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4 Ways to Secure Your Data Today

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 09/ 21/ 17 - 09: 05 PM

If making sure your data is protected is low on your list of things do to, it needs to change. Here are four easy ways to take care of cyber security today.

Managed Network Services

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4 Questions You Don’t Want to Forget to Ask When Buying a New Copier

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 09/ 07/ 17 - 01: 36 PM

Buying new office equipment involves a lot of steps. When purchasing a copier, you’ll first want to decide on a copier dealer. You will be building a relationship with this company, so it’s important to find a good fit.

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How VoIP Phone Systems Can Benefit Your Business

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 08/ 25/ 17 - 04: 11 PM

It’s hard to imagine what tool is used more in business than the telephone. In today’s world, there are multiple options when it comes to connecting with customers. Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) is software that uses the Internet as the medium to.

Unified Communications, VoIP

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Skipping Out On Network Services

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 08/ 18/ 17 - 05: 37 PM

Running a business requires wearing multiple hats, one of which might be an IT department. Dealing with your IT systems when they’re slow or altogether not working can be incredibly frustrating. Network services let third party professionals assist.

Managed Network Services, Network Security

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How IT MANAGED Services Can Protect Your Data

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 08/ 09/ 17 - 03: 15 PM

When your IT network is down, it costs you time and money. Taking care of your network can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the experience to maintain complicated systems. IT Managed Services acts as a strategic partner taking care of.

Managed IT Services

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3 Steps to Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Printer

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 08/ 04/ 17 - 05: 53 PM

Replacing office equipment is not a simple task. Needs of your business and budget all need to be considered. When looking for a new printer, it’s important to remember that because a printer has the cheapest price tag does not mean it won’t cost more.

Atlanta Printers

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How to Run Your VoIP the Right Way

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 07/ 28/ 17 - 06: 33 PM

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) allows people to make calls using the internet instead of with a phone line. Businesses benefit from this business phone systems software because of cost savings and phone portability. You know longer need a.


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Managed Network Services Defined in Just 3 Words

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 07/ 21/ 17 - 06: 33 PM

It’s easy to see how printers and computers that break down cause issues. Systems like your IT network are not as easy to troubleshoot. A managed network service will monitor your system and keep your systems running smoothly. Here is managed network.

Managed Network Services

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A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Storage

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 07/ 13/ 17 - 03: 18 PM

The cloud is not a mystical place somewhere up in the sky. Instead, it is a series of computer servers that house data off site. There are many everyday uses for cloud software such as with iPhone’s that utilize iCloud to alleviate iPhone storage from.

Cloud Technology

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3 Ways Scanning is an Easy Fix for Office Issues

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 07/ 07/ 17 - 06: 44 PM

If your business plans on going digital, you may have wondered what the best way to make this transition is. Paper has long been a part of doing business, and it will take time for your company to make the switch. The greatest office equipment for.


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Is Your Network Ready for Unified Communications?

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 06/ 29/ 17 - 06: 55 PM

If you're feeling the crunch of modern business, you're probably ready to transform your legacy phone system into something that's ready for the demands of the 21st century. But before you dive in and implement a VoIP system, you should be sure that.

Unified Communications

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Paperless vs. Less Paper in Your Office

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 06/ 22/ 17 - 04: 55 PM

If you were to compare today's workplace to that of a decade ago, you'd see some significant changes in technology. Fax machines have been replaced by laptops, smartphones, and tablets, while you'd be hard-pressed to find any carbon copy paper. But.


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Don't Let a Slow Network Get You Down

Submitted by Tech Support on Fri, 06/ 16/ 17 - 08: 00 AM

There's nothing more frustrating or unproductive than a slow network. Just as you're getting into the groove of your day and starting to get some work done, your browser stops loading, you can't download an email attachment, or your video conference.

Managed IT Services

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Unified Communications System

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 06/ 15/ 17 - 04: 00 PM

The last year or so has seen an explosion of growth in unified communications (UC) systems across industries as companies scramble to take advantage of new technologies. There is an increasing number of free or cheap tools aimed at filling the needs.

Unified Communications

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Here's the Difference Between Managed Services and Your IT Department

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 06/ 14/ 17 - 12: 00 AM

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, you can't get by for one day without your IT infrastructure. Modern businesses rely on the networks, computers, and other IT systems to communicate with customers and each other while maintaining.

Managed IT Services

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