Explore the Benefits of the Print Audit Process

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 05/ 24/ 17 - 04: 24 PM

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It is a well known fact that businesses today are already extremely busy. The pace at which business operates is growing at an ever-hastening rate. Because of this, many businesses have ignored their printing and document procedures because there are simply too many things going on. Here are a few reasons a business may want to put more priority on conducting a print audit and putting a metric to their printing practices.

  • Save Time & Money: Conducting a print audit will open up the potential for the business to save money by streamlining printing habits, consolidating machines and enhancing workflows throughout a business. This helps to reduce excess machine usage, wasteful printing, and the investment in consumables and energy. It will also save time by making sure that all office equipment is running efficiently and reliably.
  • Enhance Environmental Initiatives: The entire print audit process not only saves the company money but saves on excess waste of paper, ink and energy. A green approach to print and document management can go a long way in the eyes of your customers.
  • Further Boost Security: Every business handles internal documents in their own way. Financial records, business plans and even new product launches can all be vital to the success of a company. Heightened security will help keep your important documents and information safe.

The print audit process is one that many businesses are conducting to get a better view of how they are printing. Once you know how your business approaches printing you can take the next steps and begin to save. To learn more about how you can get started and conduct a print audit in your office, please contact us today!

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