How to Run Your VoIP the Right Way

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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) allows people to make calls using the internet instead of with a phone line. Businesses benefit from this business phone systems software because of cost savings and phone portability. You know longer need a designated landline for your business, you can take your phone calls with you wherever as long as you have access to the internet.

Built-In Redundancy and Call Continuity

An important question to not forget when evaluating VoIP systems is what happens if the internet goes down? To prevent VoIP calls from being lost, you want your system to have built-in redundancy or call continuity. These features will forward calls to a designated cell phone in the case of a dropped call. Sometimes dropped calls are fixed quickly with a call to the internet provider but sometimes nature wrecks havoc on internet connectivity. Either way, you will want to know you can continue a call.

Alternate Internet Service Provider

Having more than one ISP is a smart way to prevent lost calls. If one internet connection goes down, you can switch your VoIP over to the other connection. Though this will increase your internet connection costs, you will have to decide how important it is to your business to have a backup.

Back Up Connection

As previously mentioned, you want always to make sure that you’ve established redundancy in your internet connection. Your internet cable connects to the public switched telephone network(PSTN) and if that relationship is damaged, say someone is digging and hits the cord, your VoIP service will go down. To prevent this make sure to have a backup connection.

A VoIP phone system is a great way to take your business mobile and while being effective and reliable. To learn more about VoIP from a trusted Atlanta provider, call us today!

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