HP vs Sharp Copiers [Ratings + Reviews]

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HP vs Sharp Copiers


HP vs Sharp copiers are a comparison of features and usability vs the world's best security in a print device. The differences between a copier's main functions are pretty marginal, but depending on the needs of your business or organization, the smaller details might make all the difference. We breakdown the differences between the most popular HP and Sharp copiers on the market so that you can make a more informed decision when selecting your next machine.

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HP vs Sharp Ratings

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HP vs Sharp Copier Ratings Formula

As an HP and Sharp dealer, we like both brands; however, we decided to take this article one step further by using data from our friends at Buyer's Lab. They're a third-party company that exists to test and evaluate copiers and printers on the market, today.

To create our comparisons, we at SOS created a formula and input our Buyer's Lab data into that formula to create an overall score:

(IQ + EU + S + F + R) / 5 = SOS Copier Rating

Glossary of Metrics

IQ = Image Quality - the quality of a machine's prints are incredibly important. It's the difference between a print job looking professional or looking cheap.

EU = Ease of Use - although image quality is pretty consistent from machine to machine, ease of us isn't. How intuitive is it for a new user to walk up to a machine and use the copier to complete various tasks.

S = Security - most business owners are aware of cyber threats and the importance of protecting their network, but some don't realize the vulnerabilities that lie with their copier. Today's copiers are connected to company networks, and as a result, they can access sensitive data. The copier you purchase needs security features and safety protocols to make sure private company and customer information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

F = Features - features are where we see the widest range between machines. This doesn't mean that it should be the deciding factor, though, as the features you consider should be completely based on the needs of your company.

R = Reliability - the uptime you can expect based on the manufacturer's specifications. This is an important factor because it's an indicator of how often you can expect a machine to need a service call.

HP vs Sharp Ratings

Our list is based on the eight most popular HP and Sharp models (four each) that we sell at Standard Office Systems. To offer complete transparency and trust to our readers, our ratings of each of these models are based on the information obtained by Buyer's Lab.

If you're interested to see a more comprehensive list that includes models from a wider variety of manufacturers, just take a look at our best office copiers list for 2020.

HP Copier Reviews

Hp LaserJet Managed MFP E52645dn

HP LaserJet Managed MFP 52645dn Speed: 45 ppm
Color: Mono
Market Entry Date: May 2019
Dimensions: 19.5" x 18.9" x 19.5"

First Copy Time: 6.5 sec
Recommended Monthly Volume: 2,000 to 7,500 

About This Machine

Uses HP EcoSmart black toner to help conserve energy consumption. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses to deliver enhanced productivity, simplified workflows, and reduced operating costs.

  • Strong security that offers a self-heal feature from cyber attacks
  • HP JetIntelligence toner cartridges designed to create higher efficiency than its predecessor
  • A robust management system with enhanced workflows


HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E77830z

HP MFP E77830zMarket Entry Date: April 2017
Speed: 30 ppm
Dimensions: 34.6" x 22.3" x 28.5"

First Copy Time: 8.6 sec (from sleep mode)
Recommended Monthly Volume: 30,000

Good overall performance with only one minor misfeed observed after 300,000 prints. Print output and quality will meet the general needs of an office environment, however, organizations in need of high quality image prints may want to consider other options. This is a good machine for groups that need basic copying and printing needs met. 


  • High-quality print for black and white jobs
  • A good value generally associated with a lower price and robust features
  • Save an unlimited number of print job profiles within the print driver


  • Paper drawer size adjustments needs simplification
  • Slow first-print and copy times
Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
7 6.5 7.5 10 NR

Total Score: 7.75/10

HP LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87650z (color)

HP LaserJeft Managed Flow MFP E87640zMarket Entry Date: April 2017
Speed: 50 ppm ( available in 40 and 60 ppm)
Dimensions: 36.7" x 23" x 30.3"

First Copy Time: 7.5 sec color / 6.4 sec mono
Recommended Monthly Volume: 40,000

With high reliability, a good print quality that will meet the general needs of an office based on its clear and consistent mono-color print output. This, combined with HP's industry-leading security, makes it an ideal printer for larger work groups.


  • Excellent reliability maximizes uptime and eliminates much of the need for service calls
  • A lower price with above average features makes this a great value
  • Unlimited print job profiles that allow you to simplify more complex printing and save time


  • Over-saturation when copying color business graphics
  • Slower than average first-print/copy times
Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
9 7.5 7.5 10 NR


Total Score: 8.5/10

HP LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E82540z (b&w) 

HP LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E82540zMarket Entry Date: April 2017
Speed: 40 ppm (available in 50 and 60 ppm)
Dimensions: 36.7" x 23" x 30.3"

First Copy Time: 7 sec
Recommended Monthly Volume: 100,000

The MFP E82540z (as well as the E82550z and E82560z) showed excellent overall performance, including flawless reliability. Through 300,000 jobs, this device never produced a single misfeed; a great machine for offices in need of a highly reliable non-color copier/multifunction printer.


  • High-quality print output that meets the general need of office environments
  • Unlimited number of custom print jobs within the print drive to maximize efficiency
  • Print on the go with support for ePrint, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Wireless Direct



Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
10 7.5 7.5 10 NR


Total Score: 8.75/10

Sharp Copiers Reviews

Sharp MX 3071 (color)

3071-minMarket Entry Year: December 2018 
30 ppm
30" x 24" x 26"

Great for small and mid-size workgroups, this machine's reliability is consistent with other top copiers. The real value, though, is in the machine's highly rated yields for toner, drums and developer, and easy to operate procedure for loading paper, clearing paper jams, and replacing toner. This allows users to easily keep the machine running without relying on a service technician from their local dealer. Additionally, users can be assured that quality output will be maintained from first copy to last.

Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
9 7 9 9.5 9

Total Score: 8.7/10

Sharp MX 5071 (color)

Sharp MX 5071 pictureMarket Entry Year: April 2019
50 ppm
33" x 24" x 26"

The MX 5071 enters the market right at the threshold between standard print speed and production speed. As a result, this machine is a perfect choice for medium to large-sized workgroups. According to Buyer's Lab, this machine is "highly reliable, easy to use, and very productive in all modes tested." If you need to program jobs and build workflows, the MX 5071's redesigned interface make these tasks very simple. Additionally, output for both print and copy are above the industry's average, so you can expect high quality with each print job completed. 

Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
9.5 7 9 9.5 7.5


Total Score: 8.5/10

Sharp MX M4070 (b&w)

Sharp MX M4070Market Entry Year: November 2017
40 ppm
33" x 24" x 26"

If you're in need of flawless reliability, then the Sharp MX M4070 may be the right device for you. In addition, its succinct procedures for replacing toner, clearing paper jams, and loading paper make this an incredibly effective option for medium-sized workgroups who need to minimize downtime. This machine is a 2019 Buyers Lab award winner and boasts an efficient, centralized device management system that's perfect for IT personnel, including its easy-to-use Remote Device Manager.

Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
10 7 8.5 9.5 NR

Total Score: 8.75/10

Sharp MX 7580N (color)

Sharp MX 7580N  pictureMarket Entry Year: June 2017
75 ppm
48-1/8" x 33-1/4" x 33-1/4"

A highly recommended Buyer's Lab 2019 Bronze Award winner, the MX 7580N is an extremely reliable production printer. This machine serves mid to large-sized offices or print shops where the need to print large volumes in a timely manner is a high priority. During Buyer's Lab's test of the MX 7580N, only two minor misfeeds were experienced while printing 275,000 impressions. Like all Sharp copiers, the design of the interface (coupled with its retractable keyboard) make programming jobs and entering data effortless.


  • Maximum uptime with near-flawless reliability and triple air-feed paper handling option that boosts uptime further
  • Standard retractable keyboard for increased data entry efficiency
  • Users can release prints securely from one of six network compatible devices


  • Below average first-copy time
  • Procedure for loading media/paper can be cumbersome


Reliability Image Quality Ease of Use Security Features
10 8 8.5 9.5 NR


Total Score: 9/10

Recap and Next Steps

There are many more factors to consider when purchasing a copier. For instance, a great machine with terrible support or service becomes a very average piece of equipment. If reliability is at 99%, but the one time it does have issues takes weeks to receive service, then you negate that reliability.

We wrote an article on the myths of comparing copier dealers and manufacturers, and it has become an eye-opener for many. You might be surprised to learn that there are many similarities to the two and a few key differences.

Regardless of the decision you make, be sure to fully understand how to choose your copier vendor so that you can be assured your machines will be up and running without issue. With copiers being so comparable from manufacturer to manufacturer, the real difference is in the service you receive after the purchase.

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