Is Your Company In Control Of Its Print Budget?

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Do you know how much money your company spends on printing every year? Have you considered all of the costs associated with print budgets? Many businesses don't realize the areas of their print costs they are consistently overlooking and don't have a strategy in place for taking control of these expenses.

Establishing a print management strategy with a reputable technology services company is an excellent option to regain control over this piece of the company budget.

First, consider the different factors that contribute to a company's print budget.


Office printing is extensive. The average office worker consumes 10,000 pages per year. Ink is another item to consider. Did you know that per drop, printer ink is more expensive than fine champagne?


Many companies work with multiple partners for different resources. Printer maintenance, ink and paper supplies, and other office equipment repair requires juggling of different tasks and can eat up time and money.


When printers malfunction, it often falls on IT staff to diagnose and fix the errors at hand. If the problem is mechanical, this can require additional coordination with contractors, manufacturers, or vendors to get everything in working order again. All of the hours IT staff spend on printer maintenance can add up quickly and prove costly.

Because these costs span across different departments, they can be difficult to track, quantify, and manage. Working with a technology services company to establish a print management strategy can help companies gain control over their print services. In addition, with data and figures about the print budget, companies can feel empowered to make informed decisions about how to proceed with printing projects in the future.

With a print management strategy, companies see many benefits including:

Better Organization A comprehensive strategy that takes into account supplies, budgets, and maintenance helps companies stay on top of printing expenses and manage them accordingly.

Reduced Environmental Impact Print management strategies help reduce paper waste, decrease power usage, and lower ink consumption. These have positive impacts on the environment and save the company money at the same time!

Increased Productivity When the IT department is freed from fighting with printer maintenance, they can focus on innovation and creativity. With less vendors to contact, supplies to order, and numbers to crunch, workers in other departments are also alleviated of print-related tasks. They are free to focus on other areas of the company.

For more information on how print management services can help you gain control over your company, contact Standard Office Systems today.

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