New or Refurbished Copiers: Which is Better?

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Copiers are a big ticket item for offices. A quality, new copier can run you $4,000 and higher - and that's before you add service to it. But are copiers like used cars? Once you "drive it off the lot," does it lose a lot off the sticker price even though it's practically brand new? If so, doesn't it make sense to buy a refurbished copier?

The short answer is no.

As one of the leading Canon, Sharp, and HP copier dealers in the United States, we are often asked about the differences between new and refurbished. Why buy new when all you need is for it to do some basic functions?

Used vs Refurbished Copiers

Refurbished Copiers vs Used Copiers

Before we can answer if a new or refurbished copier being sold is a better buying decision over the other, we must first understand the differences between used and refurbished. 

A used copier is the scenario that I eluded to at the beginning of this article. It's the like-new machine that may have been returned to the dealer because it didn't meet the needs of its original owner. A "low mileage" option at a significant discount.

A refurbished copier is a machine that has been rebuilt or restored to its former glory. Perhaps it is ten years old and had new parts replaced on it so that it can run "just like new" again. 

Going back to my car analogy, think of used cars versus restored cars.

Typically, when someone chooses to restore a car, it's because they have a sentimental attachment to that particular make and model. They may be taking a classic they found in a junk yard, hoping to return it to its 1970's glory.

One thing that is sure to be true in many car restoration cases - restoring a car will likely take more time and money in the long run than purchasing something newer and only a little used. 

Sure, the frame of the car only cost $1,000, but the engine, the upholstery, the lights, the transmission, and the paint are all added costs. And in the case of most restorations, you can't simply install anything and make it work. It has to be a very specific part that often is no longer being made.

Copiers are no different. A ten year old copier is obsolete, and even though you may be able to get the parts to the machine, however did so may have acquired them at a price higher than it should be.

In addition, some of the parts on the older machines are also obsolete and are inferior to their newer counterparts. So, the person selling you a refurbished machine may be able to get you an overall better price, but those parts are likely to need maintenance much more often. 

Over time, this can be the case with used copiers, as well, but (speaking from experience) some of our clients have found great savings purchasing used copiers. Many of those machines are like-new and serve as great bargains for all involved. 

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New vs Refurbished Copiers

Investing your dollars in a refurbished copier can be cheaper, initially, but unlike a gently used copier, refurbished copiers are built with parts that are older and likely more costly to acquire. 

As a machine ages, vendors will charge progressively more dollars for service because it becomes increasingly more expensive to keep aging machines running. Like a car, the older the machine, the more problems will appear.

New copiers are more expensive in terms of initial investment, but they will likely produce lower service costs and more uptime (saving you from undisclosed amounts of productivity loss). 

So, which should you choose?

Which to Choose

New Used or Refurbished Copier Purchase

The answer of whether you should choose a new or refurbished copier will always come down to volume. If you plan to use your machine very little and only need it for light print jobs, then you may be able to get away with a refurbished machine. 

If your print volume is anything remotely close to the volume of a traditional mid-sized office, then a new copier is going to be the better deal over time.

If you are still looking for additional savings, though, consider purchasing used. You can often get great deals on "out-of-box" machines that have little to no print jobs made with them. These machines are often just as good as the newer models and because they are technically not new, you can save big!

If you still have questions on whether new or refurbished is right for you, then consider reaching out to us. We would be happy to help answer as much as we can, and may even be able to recommend a great dealer who can help you in your area. 

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