Should You Lease Your Next Copier?

Submitted by Daniel Gray on Tue, 06/ 13/ 17 - 12: 00 AM

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Have you considered leasing instead of buying your next copier or printer? Leasing is an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to upgrade their technology without the initial upfront cost of buying. Leasing is a good option for many companies, big or small, mostly because of the flexibility and simplicity it offers. Here's how to know if leasing is the right choice for your business.

Is Leasing for You?

All kinds of organizations choose to lease for their office equipment needs, often because they're in periods of growth or transition. Leasing may be right for you if:

  1. Your company is growing: If you're running a small or medium-sized business that's getting ready to expand, leasing maybe the right fit for you. Leasing allows you to do things like outfit a new office quickly without a debilitating upfront cost.
  2. You need flexibility: Not sure what kind of technology you need? Not ready to make the commitment of buying an expensive piece of equipment right now? Leasing can give you the flexibility to upgrade when you need to and try something out for now.
  3. You want to stay ahead of the tech trends: Leasing makes it easy to change your copier or printer without the big upfront expense, meaning that you can stay up on technology trends. Technology changes fast, and it's worthwhile to upgrade when something new comes down the pike.
  4. You need cashflow freed up: If you're working on big projects and don't want to commit your cashflow to a copier or printer purchase, leasing is a perfect option. You can distribute the cost of your equipment over months while completing your larger undertakings.

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