Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta 2022

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As one of the largest copier dealers in the southeastern United States, prospective customers will ask us from time to time the questions, "if we don't pick you, who else would you recommend."

Now, I will admit that this question doesn't get asked often. Of course we want a potential customer to choose us, because we believe we are the best choice. That being said, because we are in the business of helping a customer in any way possible, we decided to make a list of the top copier dealers in the Atlanta market.

And, no, we did not place ourselves on the list to avoid bias.

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Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta 2021

Criteria for Being Name a Top Copier Dealer

We have been creating this list each year for the past five years, and the list often has repeat visitors. But each year, there are always one or two new dealers that make our list.

We base our list off five criteria that we believe to be critical factors when choosing a service provider to work with:

Years in Business

We aren't saying the new kid on the block can't be an excellent service provider. We are just saying there is more risk involved when partnering with a copier dealer that is still in its infancy. 

The last thing any business owner (or IT and office manager) wants, is to have their service interrupted abruptly because their provider went out of business. You would think the solution to that is as simple as returning the machine and then getting a new provider.

You would be wrong.

Your copier device lease payments are contractually obligated to a leasing company that has no direct ties to the vendor's business operations, other than providing financing. This means that you would still be obligated to pay for that device even though the company that sold it to you is no longer in business.

Your only other option is to reach out to another dealer in the area who can service the same machine, making your negotiating power weaker.

For our list, copier dealers must be in business for 10 years or more.

Competitive Pricing

You want a machine that is going to provide you with the printing and features your organization needs, but you want it at a cost that you can afford. Everyone is on a budget, so we try to include dealers on the list that we feel will try to give you the best pricing possible.

Be sure to look closely at your proposals from each dealer. Make sure similar machines, including speed, max volume, and features are being compared. Often an unbelievable price is because something was left out of your quote.

Note: Double check to ensure that the machines being quoted are all new models, unless requested as used.


Google Reviews

Customers have a (mostly) great platform to leave their opinions about service provided to them by their copier dealer - Google!

Check out the Google reviews of the various vendors you are considering and see if there are common concerns being addressed, or common praises. 

For the purposes of our list, no dealer with a rating under 4-stars, with a minimum of 8 reviews, was considered. But do your homework when it comes to reviews. Unfortunately, if a customer is angry at a provider, they may try tactics to harm a company's reputation, such as leave multiple negative reviews using different accounts.

These are pretty easy to spot if the negative reviews all came within the same timeframe and seem to complain about the exact same experience. 

Glassdoor/Indeed Reviews

As the saying goes, happy employees create happy customers. 

Our list includes companies with or without a rating on Indeed or Glassdoor and the rating did not factor into whether or not a company made the list (since ratings aren't available for so many).

If you run across a lower-than-expected rating for a company you are considering, do additional research and see if they have been nominated or awarded for being a great place to work by a local or national agency (for Georgia, the Atlanta Journal Constitution or Atlanta Business Chronicle are good examples).


This is last on the list of criteria because it is the most subjective to the individual buyer.

For some, having a dealer be local is important to them because they feel it will result in faster service. Though a local dealer may provide your business with faster service, it is not a given that local = fast.

That being said, large dealers with a multi-state reach may seem more capable of providing quality service, but it really comes down to how they are structured and what's important to them. Some companies sacrifice service for profit and that is difficult to determine purely off the number of locations they operate. 

Our list includes metro-Atlanta based dealers only. 

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Used vs New Copiers

All copier dealers can sell you used equipment, but for the purpose of this list, we decided to only list companies that also have the ability to sell new equipment. 

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A Word About Copier Dealers vs Manufacturers

At this point, you may be thinking that it is easier to "cut out the middleman" and just go with the manufacturer - and that makes total sense... on the surface.

We have an entire article that goes into some of the common myths about copier dealers and manufacturers, but it essentially comes down to this:

  • Local dealers receive the same machine pricing as the manufacturer
  • Manufacturers can often offer lower cost-of-service to customers, but at the expensive of quality response time and an understaffed service department (simply put, manufacturers are in the business to sell equipment, not service)
  • Local dealers are able to service organizations with locations across the country through the Copier Dealer Network (which is often used by manufacturers, as well) 

List of Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta 2022

Listed in alphabetical order


Atlanta Office Machines

Atlanta Office Machines LogoEstablished: 1991
Headquarters: Marietta, GA
Locations: 1
Google Rating: 5/5 (9 reviews)
Glassdoor/Indeed Rating: Not available

From Atlanta Office Machines:
"Since 1991, Atlanta Office Machines has provided the Atlanta Metro area with innovative business solutions to meet today's complex document workflow demands."

Duplicating Products

Duplication Products LogoEstablished: 1974
Headquarters: Gainesville, GA
Locations: 2
Google Rating: 5/5 (153 reviews)
Glassdoor/Indeed Rating: 4/5

From Duplicating Products: 
"At Duplicating Products, we consider customer service to be our number one priority and have built our business based on this principle. Since 1974, we have been treating our customers with the respect, courtesy and appreciation they deserve."


Milner LogoEstablished: 1987
Headquarters: Peachtree Corners, GA
Locations: 9
Google Rating: 4.7 (37 reviews)
Glassdoor/Indeed Rating: 2.8/5

From Milner:
"For decades, Milner has committed to helping organizations innovate with technology solutions to address today's challenges. Our diversified portfolio gives businesses full access to solutions that help accelerate growth and streamline business processes."

Superior Document Solutions

Superior Documents Solutions LogoEstablished: 1982
Headquarters: Duluth, GA
Locations: 1
Google Rating: 5/5 (10 reviews)
Glassdoor/Indeed Rating: 4.5/5

From Superior Document Solutions:
"Superior will deliver the best possible service to keep their office equipment working."


Tri-Copy Office Equipment LogoEstablished: 1999
Headquarters: Fayetteville, GA
Locations: 1
Google Rating: 5/5 (11 reviews)
Glassdoor/Indeed Rating: Not available

From Tri-Copy:
"Though we have grown, we remain humble. We realize that by design we are not the largest company in the Metro Atlanta area."

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