Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta [2023]

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Standard Office Systems of Atlanta

Today, multi-function copiers tend to be similar in quality and output. Some brands have new features to show-off, while others can boast a slight superiority over the quality of their output. When it comes to reliability, though, most copiers have caught up with each other. The difference here, is in the service provider you choose.

Each year, our sales representatives speak with companies all over metro-Atlanta who are seeking the service of a copier dealer. Sometimes, we get the question, "Other than your company, who do you think are the best copier dealers in the Atlanta area?"

I know what you are thinking - why would we write an article listing out our competitors and tag them as the top copier dealers in Atlanta? 

The reason is because we are the business of being a trusted advisor to our customers. We know that prospective customers are going to seek other quotes from other dealers, but we also are in the business of building trust. So, each year we create this list of Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta to do so.

As a Flex Technology Group company, Standard Office Systems is one of the top three largest Canon, Sharp, and HP dealers in the country, and at 50+ years in business, is one of the most experienced dealers in the Atlanta market.

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2023 Top Copier Dealers of Atlanta List

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Top Dealer List Considerations

In order to create a consistent and unbiased list of top dealers, we created four criteria that each dealer had to meet to be considered: years in business, customer reviews, copier brand variety, and competitive pricing.

Years in Business

The number of years a dealer has been in business is not the most important factor to consider when choosing a copier dealer, but ensuring a dealer has the experience and stability to support your machine(s) is still critical.

Still, it isn't necessary for a dealer to have been in business as long as us to be a good option for you. To make this year's list, a copier dealer must be in business for 10 years or longer. We have found that this period of time is sufficient to demonstrate stability within an organization - and the likelihood they can effectively troubleshoot an issue with you machine.

Customer Reviews

Google review are, for the most part, reliable and unbiased review of customers. For the sake of this list, only dealers with 4-star reviews or higher were considered and at least 10 reviews posted.

Online reviews should still be considered as part of a decision and not the deciding factor. When looking at comments left, consider omitting isolated comments or comments that seem repetitive and near the same time (like three back-to-back comments complaining about a contract within the same month). 

When the example above occurs, this is normally the case of a single customer that feels wronged and wants to "get back" at the dealer. Isolated complaints should also be taken with a grain of salt. Look for consistent concerns in reviews and determine for yourself if it is something that will bother you or cause your firm hardship.

Machine Brand Variety

A dealer may believe their product is the very best, but the reality is, if you like a service provider, but dislike the machines they sold you, then you are stuck with using that brand unless you part ways.

Brand variety also gives you different pricing options. For instance Canon may provide a great quality machine, but Sharp may fit more into your budget. Brand options also allow you to mix and match you devices (ie: Sharp copiers and HP desktop printers).

To be considered for this list, dealers had to carry the lines of at least two different manufacturers.

Competitive Pricing

You have a budget and need to stick to it.

Only copier dealers who remained competitive with their pricing and had a variety of flexible payment options were considered. 

This doesn't mean that you should choose the very cheapest price presented to you for two reasons:

  1. A race to the bottom in pricing will often come back in the form of inferior service provided - after all, you need money to pay for quality (and enough) service technicians with experience.
  2. Often, if a price is significantly lower than a competitors pricing, it's because the machines being proposed are not comparable. Make sure the features you want and the devices are consistent (consider comparing an economy car with a luxury brand car on price alone).


This is last on the list of criteria because it is the most subjective to the individual buyer.

For some, having a dealer be local is important to them because they feel it will result in faster service. Though a local dealer may provide your business with faster service, it is not a given that local = fast.

That being said, large dealers with a multi-state reach may seem more capable of providing quality service, but it really comes down to how they are structured and what's important to them. Some companies sacrifice service for profit and that is difficult to determine purely off the number of locations they operate. 

Our list includes metro-Atlanta based dealers only. 

A Word About Copier Dealers vs Manufacturers

At this point, you may be thinking that it is easier to "cut out the middleman" and just go with the manufacturer - and that makes total sense... on the surface.

We have an entire article that goes into some of the common myths about copier dealers and manufacturers, but it essentially comes down to this:

  • Local dealers receive the same machine pricing as the manufacturer
  • Manufacturers can often offer lower cost-of-service to customers, but at the expensive of quality response time and an understaffed service department (simply put, manufacturers are in the business to sell equipment, not service)
  • Local dealers are able to service organizations with locations across the country through the Copier Dealer Network (which is often used by manufacturers, as well) 

Top Copier Dealers in Atlanta 

Listed in Alphabetical Order



Atlanta Office Technologies

AOT LogoFounded: 2015

Headquarters: Norcross, GA

Google Rating: 5/5 (48 reviews)

Brands: Kyocera, KIP, Canon, and HP

From Atlanta Office Technologies:

"AOT is a world-class company that specializes in creating exceptional customer experiences by providing the finest quality office technology products, solutions, and service to our clients; copiers printers, scanners, document management."


Duplicating Products

Duplication Products LogoYears in Business: 50+

Headquarters: Gainesville, GA

Google Rating: 5/5 (172 reviews)

Brands: Canon, Savin, Kyocera, and HP

From Duplicating Products:

"Duplicating Products is a local, family owned and operated company that partners with organizations all over Northeast Georgia and Metro-Atlanta to bring them industry-leading office equipment with award winning service."


EGP Document Solutions

EGP LogoYears in Business: 40+

Headquarters: Duluth, GA

Google Rating: 5/5 (33 reviews)

Brands: Kyocera, HP, and Savin

From EGP Document Solutions:

"We believe in complete customer satisfaction. Caring for our customers through the years is what has made us who we are today."



Milner LogoYears in Business: 30+

Headquarters: Peachtree Corners, GA

Google Rating: 4.6/5 (37 reviews)

Brands: Ricoh, Konica Minolta, EDI, Duplo, Xante

From Milner Inc:

"Milner focuses on incorporating technology, processes, and people, so you can focus on growing your business."


Superior Document Solutions

Superior Documents Solutions LogoYears in Business: 40+

Headquarters: Duluth, GA

Google Rating: 4.7/5 (13 reviews)

Brands: Sharp, Canon, HP, and Konica Minolta

From Superior Document Solutions:

"At Superior Document Solutions, service comes first. We staff more service technicians than sales representatives 2 to 1, and are dedicated to helping you and your business succeed."


If you're still unsure how to proceed with your first or next print device solution, reach out to Standard Office Systems today. We'd be happy to have a conversation with you and assist. 



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