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Standard Office Systems of Atlanta


As one of the largest IT companies headquartered in the Atlanta-metro area, Standard Office Systems has a 50+ year history of servicing businesses' office technology. As an IT provider, we are sometimes asked the question, "other than yourself, what IT company would you recommend."

I know what you're thinking - why in the world would you want to name your competitors, in a positive light, to your prospective customers?

Simply put, we are in the business of building trust, and as an IT thought leader, we understand that our recommendation carries value. Still, if we hope to be as transparent and trustworthy as we envision, sometimes we need to do thing unorthodox. After all, helping our customer (and potential customers) is our number one goal.

2022's top managed services providers in Atlanta was comprised of companies who passed our multi-point checklist, and the 2023 list was even harder to break into.

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Top Managed IT Services Provider Scoring Criteria

Standard Office Systems is an industry-leading provider of managed IT services, but as in 2020 and 2021, we omitted our company from consideration.

Admittedly, we'd love for you and your business to work with us, and we believe our fifty-plus years service, assisting metro Atlanta businesses meet their technology needs in all that time, rivals other area industry leaders.  That said, we sometimes get asked to recommend other quality providers for comparison sake.

As we've done in years past, we've put together a fairly comprehensive list, adhering to our formula:

Years in business

We only spotlight Managed IT Service providers with a minimum of ten years in business. We set this standard not because we don't appreciate a scrappy new start-up, but because a newer business has its own obstacles to overcome its first few years, and that may mean limitations on resources that can impact their service to you. Also, consider that a new business is often in "learn as they go" mode, which makes you something of a "test subject."

Lastly, according to Investopedia, the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that one in five new businesses of any kind fail during their first two years, nearly half (45%) their first five, and 65% in their first 10 years. 

Minimum criteria: ten (10) or more years in business.


Obviously we're looking only for metro Atlanta providers, but for our scrutinizing, we believe you're better-served by a company based in Atlanta, and not a multi-city or multi-state chain operation with a branch. Think of the pop-up tax preparation shops in a nearby strip mall. Do you think the person sitting behind a computer is a degreed tax accountant or attorney?

Usually the answer is "of course not." A branch staffer may be at the mercy of a home office in New York or California, which means your needs will be, too. When time is of the essence, you want local and immediate.

Minimum criteria: based in metropolitan Atlanta. 

Staff Size

If some guy working from his basement could do it, you could hire an individual, too. Certainly you won't likely need a multi-national or interstate-sized network of outsourced IT, but you would like having a team of experts there to address your Managed IT needs, right?

For this purpose, and in conjunction with our criteria focusing on local providers in business at least ten years, we think looking only at provider with a t least ten employees makes sense. In fact, staff size may well indicate the number of clients already on the books for their services, and more clients served means "experience you will benefit from," too. 

Minimum criteria: ten (10) or more employees.

Google Reviews

Listen, if we're being honest, the customer isn't always right, and sometimes crankiness is what leads to someone even leaving a review in the first place. That said, Google reviews are rarely removed, so look for common complaints and decide if that shortcoming would be crippling to your company's needs.

Minimum criteria: For this list, we only present providers with eight or more Google reviews, with an average score of 4.0 or higher.

List of 2023 Top Managed IT Service Providers


IntegriCom LogoYears in Business: 20+ 

Headquarters: Suwanee, GA

Number of Employees: 10-24

Google Rating: 4.8/5 (31 reviews)

From IntegriCom:

"Reliable IT Services by IntegriCom focus on managed IT services for small to medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta metro area, typically with up to 10 locations and fewer than 250 employees per location."


iVisionYears in Business: 15+ 

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Number of Employees: 51-99

Google Rating: 4.6/5 (18 reviews)

From iVision:

"iVision is an Atlanta-based, privately held technology integration and management firm. We engineer success for clients through objective recommendations, technology, and process expertise and best-of-breed guidance."


Leapfrog Services

Leapfrog ServicesYears in Business: 25+ 

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Number of Employees: 55-99

Google Rating: 4.8/5 (9 reviews)

From Leap Frog Services:

"Leapfrog helps solve your business problems by solving your IT problems. As a managed services provider with 25+ years of experience, we apply our proven Leapfrog Methodology to resolve IT problems that hold you back and ensure everything in your IT environment works together seamlessly..."


MIS Solutions

MIS SolutionsYears in Business: 25+

Headquarters: Suwanee, GA

Number of Employees: 50-99

Google Rating: 5/5 (23 reviews)

From MIS Solutions:

"We make technology work for you. Serving small businesses with customizable managed IT services and consulting plans designed to minimize risks, streamline operations, reduce stress, stabilize networks and secure your technology."


PCPlus Networks

PCPlus Networks LogoYears in Business: 20+

Headquarters: Lawrenceville, GA

Number of Employees: 4-9

Google Rating: 4.9/5 (53 reviews)

From PCPlus Networks:

"PCPlus Networks has provided expert IT support since 2003, helping hundreds of businesses increase productivity and profitability by making IT a streamlined part of operations."



Ripple ITYears in Business: 25+

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Number of Employees: 10-24

Google Rating: 4.9/5 (35 reviews)

From RippleIT:

"We're a managed IT provider in Atlanta. We help creative companies get work done by delivering a simple, strategic and human IT experience."



Veristor LogoYears in Business: 20+

Headquarters: Duluth, GA

Number of Employees: 100-249

Google Rating: 4.9/5 (18 reviews)

From Veristor:

"With a mission to help enterprises realize more of their technology investments, Verinext (formerly Veristor) is passionate about guiding customers to simplify and modernize their technology environment so they can achieve digital transformation goals for faster time-to-value." 


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