Business Review

Annually, quarterly, and monthly reviews [at your discretion] are provided by your SOS Account Manager to help you and your company stay current on everything happening with your fleet, including a vigilant eye on ways to save money.

Annual and Quarterly Reports:

  • Data used to support optimization efforts, keeping your fleet current with the latest technology and efficiency - without costing more money
  • Cost index that includes over cost/output volume
  • Breakdown of cost index over equipment
  • Detailed usage reporting, including:
    • Features usage [i.e. print, scan, copy, fax]
    • Details on color vs. black & white usage

Monthly Reports:

  • Fleet metrics, including:
    • Total device count
    • Equipment details [i.e. color vs. b&w, print vs. multi-function]
  • Usage data
  • Service Level Agreement [SLA] metrics



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