Relay for Life Fundraising 2020

Posted by SOS Can Help on March 25, 2021

Non-Profit: Relay for Life

Event Date: February-March 2020

Prior to the creation of our quarterly volunteering initiative, SOS has been involved annually with fundraising as a team to benefit Relay for Life, a non-profit organization that raises money for cancer-related causes. All fundraising is done leading up to Relay's penultimate annual event, the Relay for Life Cancer Walk, which is typically held in May every year. 

While our SOS Relay for Life fundraising team has been going strong for years, in 2020 we decided to set a much higher fundraising goal and implement in-office events to raise money to help us meet that goal.

While our fundraising team made personal donations and secured donations from family and friends, they wished to involved our employees in the fundraising process as well so we could crush our totals from previous years.

To do this, our team held various fundraising breakfasts and lunches in the office, which ranged from selling Chick-Fil-A biscuits, McDonald's sandwiches, and donuts for breakfast to having various themed lunches on Fridays.

Our themed lunches included a chili cook-off, Italian food, and barbecue. Our employees enjoyed the fundraising lunches in particular because they allowed employees from different departments to mingle together. We hope to start up these lunches again when it's safe to do so!

While the beginning of COVID in March 2020 halted many of our fundraising efforts, our Relay fundraising team was able to raise $2,288! The pictures below are from our chili cook-off, which was so successful that we sold out of tickets!

   Chili Cookoff    Chili Cookoff Score Card


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