SOS Helps Businesses Safely Re-Open AMID COVID-19

Posted by Admin on July 7, 2020


DULUTH, GEORGIA – JUL. 7, 2020 – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Standard Office Systems (SOS) aims to help businesses answer the question of how to safely keep their doors open.  

This answer comes in the form of a partnership to sell, starting this month, cutting-edge infrared temperature scanning kiosks. These kiosks can, with over 99% accuracy, determine if a visitor’s temperature is at or above a pre-determined threshold within one second.  

Since fever is the primary symptom of COVID-19, these kiosks can be used to identify potentially infected patrons on a large scale and determine whether it is safe to let them enter. If an individual’s temperature is at or above a pre-determined threshold, they can be pulled aside for further screening.    

Bernie Schom, Vice President of Sales at SOS, illustrates how the kiosks are a perfect fit for any organization: ". . . Screen all individuals before they're granted entry to public and private premises . . . Whether you are a local restaurant looking to track patrons as they walk in, a school looking to screen students and take attendance as they arrive to school, or a concert venue looking to screen attendees after scanning their tickets, these kiosks can quickly and accurately assess a sizable number of individuals." 

For schools and other organizations with repeat visitors, the kiosk can store user profiles. These kiosks use advanced facial recognition technology to recognize repeat visitors and track their temperatures over time. This is key in the event of having to historically trace an infected user, in which case you can monitor logs and pull reports from a central back end on your network. 

Chris Gaines, Director of Managed Services at SOS, quells any potential security concerns: "The kiosks store user profiles and data locally on the organization's network instead of through us or the provider, which eases any potential security concerns about storing data with a third-party company."  

For more details, visit this webpage.   

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