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United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia

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Non-profit organizations have always prioritized the needs of others before their
individual needs, or even those of their organizations. Their mission is to devote
time and resources to offer services that improve the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Technology integration in the non-profit sector provides an enhanced method for improving the quality of their services and making their jobs more effective. Today, non-profits have the ability to implement technology innovations progressively, in order to improve service delivery, fundraising methods, and out-reach tactics.

UCP was experiencing less-than-reliable technical support from its earlier managed service provider and was also having performance issues from its cloudbased servers. After working with their former managed service provider to correct these issues, UCP leadership decided it was time to make a change in
its technical support services. Ultimately, Standard Office Systems (SOS) was
chosen to provide timely, reliable managed services to UCP and its many offices
and 150+ users.


SOS’ Technical Team engineered a more reliable hosted-server solution by
moving UCP servers to a more robust data center platform. This increased server performance for all users and improved morale across the board. Next, SOS
Engineers reconnected with all UCP offices and office managers to ensure all
users that technical support was consistently available and fast, again increasing the general feeling about IT across the company.

  • SOS Engineers moved UCP's infrastructure from one cloud to another private cloud with seamless interruptions
  • SOS gained confidence from the UCP Community by making it easier to get support for users at all ends of the technology spectrum
  • SOS tightened UCP's network security measures to make sure that all confidential client and donor data was safe from outside threats


Standard Office Systems’ solutions for UCP have changed the culture of the
organization for the better. Users are now getting timely support for their PC
issues, and server problems have become nearly obsolete with the move to a
more reliable data center.

Tyrone Zimmerman of UCP commented on the work that SOS did by saying, “SOS is a true partner of UCP. They didn’t cookie-cutter our solution but accessed what was hurting us and provided systematic steps that have increased our productivity and our confidence in our IT provider 100%. We couldn’t be happier with SOS.”

During the transition from the previous provider, UCP also encountered an all too common problem in the IT Services industry – their data was held hostage. The previous provider refused to cooperate in the transition, delaying the process at every turn while still billing for the full amount contracted.

After months of stressful back and forth, SOS management began preparing legal recourse for UCP. The result was the removal of the previous vendor without further financial hardship, allowing UCP to continue to utilize its critical budget for the benefit of its charitable endeavor.