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Standard Office Systems understands the challenges facing the healthcare industry today. SOS’s customized technology solutions for healthcare address challenges by lowering costs, automating processes, and improving communication between doctors, hospitals, and patients. We provide the ability to focus valuable resources on delivering real healthcare – not just administering it.  Count on SOS to maximize technology that matters!


SOS Can Help!

  • Implement electronic medical forms and workflow to alleviate slow, manual paper processes and reduce expense.
  • Simplify admissions and discharge document workflows to improve staff productivity and reduce patient wait times – resulting in better HCAHP survey scores.
  • Streamline your EMR experience through seamless HL7 scanning integration –reducing the steps required to scan and index documents to a patient’s chart.
  • Track all print, scan and fax activities on multi-function printers and quickly detect/prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive patient information.
  • Manage sensitive patient records through authentication, encryption and other solutions to address HIPAA-mandated physical, administrative, and technical compliance costs.

Services We Offer:

Technology Consulting

Align important government agency goals with technology through SOS Expert Consulting. We can help you assess and improve how your current document and information technologies are supporting your core operational requirements.

Network Management

Leverage comprehensive network services featuring NetVantage Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, and Information Security Services for IT Specific Projects - all with 24/7 remote help desk support. 

Print Management

Oprtimize your print output through best-in-class print technology and the industry's most responsive approach to managed print services PrintVantage.  All supported 24/7 by remote access for printing and connectivity.